Clipboard with checklistWhen an interviewer says “tell me about yourself,” you’re going to do so much better if you’ve prepared your answer ahead of time.

That’s the purpose of this checklist. To help you plan an answer that will make you stand out as someone they would love to add to their team. So they’ll be rooting for you to get the job.

Qualities employers look for:

driven, team player, conscientious, problem solver, innovative, motivated, demonstrates initiative, communication skills, responsible, professional, love their work, intelligence, integrity, likability, competence, courage, creativity, inner strength, positive attitude, enthusiastic, persistent, well-connected, innovative

What to say?

Employers want to hear about experiences you’ve had that show that you’re an “outlier” — that special person that will become essential to their team.

Try to come up with work examples where you went above and beyond what was expected and solved a problem. You can talk about projects you worked on, internships, group work or even challenges you overcame in sports. Especially if this is your first job.

Use numbers if possible. Like, we increased sales by 50%. Or “I exceeded my quotas” three months in a row. (This works well for your resume too.)

For more ideas about what employers want see How to respond to tell me about your self in a job interview.

Here’s the “Tell Me About Yourself” Worksheet

Download the Tell Me About Yourself Checklist PDF file.

Make sure to practice

The best way to practice is to do a role play with a friend or family member. Practicing in front of a mirror or taking a video is great too.

Hope this helps you rock your next interview!

Even if they don’t specifically say “Tell me about yourself,” your work planning an answer will help you highlight your best qualities throughout the interview.

If you have any questions about what to say, please let me know in the comments section below.

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