IT Resume Template: Optimizing Your Resume for Search

As IT recruiters, we review hundreds of resumes a week. So we really appreciate a well-written resume. What I like in a resume is a well-structured layout that helps me to make a quick decision about whether this candidate is qualified for the job.

If your application email piques my interest, I’ll open up your resume attachment.  The first thing I’ll look for is your location. The second thing I’ll look for is your recent job experience. Then I start digging in further to find specific skills and education. If it all lines up with the job requirements, I’ll send you an email to find out if you’re interested in finding out more about the job I have in mind for you. Or, I might even pick up the phone and give you a call right away.

Optimizing your resume with keywords

It’s important to optimize your resume for certain keywords that will help recruiters find you on LinkedIn,  job boards and Google. But don’t overdo it with too many keywords because the most important reader of your resume is a human being.

If a potential employer sees that you’ve just dumped a bunch of words onto your resume without backing up each one with a description of your related work experience or education, they will simply assume that you do not have the proper qualifications.

Customize your resume to the job you are applying for

Look at the specific job description and make sure your resume demonstrates how you meet the requirements for that job. One reason why job applications fail is that the people apply for jobs that they are not qualified for. Highlight the education, skills and experience you have that specifically relate to the particular job you are applying for.

Employers are very impressed when you give concrete evidence of ways you helped other employers acheive their goals. Did you meet or exceed the goals they set for you. Include anything you contributed that went over and above your role requirements. Also mention any special recognition or awards your received for your work.

IT Resume Template

Keyword Resume Template 001

Keyword Resume Template 002

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I stumbled upon this website today, I found this and many other articles very informative! I intend to update my resume accordingly.

    • Hi Feroz, Glad you found us. Thanks for your great comment! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

  2. I have been reading a lot about creating resume somehow it confuse me, but i must say this one is very informative specially with the example it enlighten my mind on how i will revise my resume. Thanks

    • Hi Jean, thanks for your comment! I’m really glad that you found this post helpful. I hope it helps you land the job you’re looking for!


    • Hi Jean,

      Thanks for letting me know! Let me know if this opens some doors for you with your job search.

      Tim Collins

  3. For Optimizing the resume with keywords we can use website tools to identify proper and professional keywords for our resume. It give good review about the resume with the job and give good suggestive results

    • Hi Ramanathan,

      Thanks for letting us know about this resume keyword tool. It looks promising.

      Kind regards,

  4. The site is also a great place improve your resume. All you do is put in your resume you already created plus the description of the position, then Jobscan analyzes your resume for you automatically! Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan!



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