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As an IT staffing company, our purpose is to support our clients in hiring the very best local IT talent for their jobs. One of the ways we achieve that goal is by sharing information to help our clients be more successful when they hire people internally. Even if you are technically savvy in one area, it’s not possible to know the ins and outs of every single technology and programming language, which is why we published the Stafflink 101 series.

We’ve taken some of the top skills that are in-demand at the moment with our clients and created quick guides to these technologies to help you get up to speed before your next interview with a candidate. The Stafflink Tech 101 Recruiting Resource Page puts everything you need to know in one place.

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How to Hire an Online Marketing Specialist

Online marketing specialists are in high demand today, with nearly every business involved with online marketing in some way. What’s the right choice for your company when it comes to hiring a person to carve out a niche for your brand? Do you hire a marketing agency to get the job done, or a full-time specialist to do your marketing in-house? We discuss how to find the best person for the job. Read more…


Microsoft .NetStafflink 101: What is .NET?

Designed to simplify programming with a huge library of pre-coded solutions to common programming problems, .NET was introduced in 2002 as Microsoft’s response to Java. Like Java, .NET is used for serving up web applications and services. Learn about the .NET framework, visual studio, as well as practical applications of .Net. Read more…


JavaStafflink 101: What is J2EE?

J2EE, an application software platform, stands for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Also known as Java EE, and Java. Read on to find out about the core components of Java and how to tell if a candidate knows their stuff during an interview. Read more …



Stafflink 101: Ruby on Rails

Do you know what Basecamp, Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, Git-Hub, Shopify, Yellow Pages, and Guitar Hero all have in common? They were all built on Ruby on Rails. This easy to learn development framework programming language allows for rapid development of dynamic web applications. Find out why developers like working with Ruby, why it’s great for web applications, and about the potential drawbacks of the language. Read more…


Deciding if its worth the expense to get incorporatedSole Proprietorship vs Incorporation for Independent Contractors

To incorporate, or not to incorporate? This question comes up often in interviews from candidates deciding if it is worth the expense. Many times, self-employment is alluring for the freedom and money that can come from it, but is it worth it to pay the $1,000 or more to become incorporated? We discuss in this blog post. Read more…


WordPress LogoStafflink 101: What is WordPress?

WordPress is currently the top free and open-source content management system and blogging tool in the world. Learn why WordPress is so popular, who uses it, and ten reasons why someone may want to use this service for starting a business website or blog. Read more…


PHP logoStafflink 101: What is PHP?

PHP is a popular scripting and programming language. Free and open-source, PHP is arguably the most popular cross platform scripting language used to build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. Find out why PHP is so popular at the moment. Read more…


HTML five logoStafflink 101: What is HTML5?

According to Steve Jobs, HTML5 is the standard for the future, although not everyone would agree with him. Find out what makes HTML5 popular, what it can be used for, as well as three interview questions to ask candidates with this skill set to find out where they stand on the HTML5 debate. Read more…


w3cssStafflink 101: What is CSS?

Next to HTML, CSS is one of the most basic and important tools in a web developers toolbox. CSS revolutionized web page design by separating content from style. Find out about the key benefits of CSS and CSS3 – the next generation of CSS. Read more…



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