Support HOHOTO and the Daily Bread Food Bank

Please join us in helping HOHOTO bring food to hungry people in Toronto!

It’s the holiday season. Hannukah begins at sunset tomorrow. Only 16 more sleeps until Santa comes! If you’re lucky, you can count that in shopping days. But it’s not that simple if you rely on food banks to feed your family.

That’s why Stafflink is proud to be a sponsor of HoHoTO, an annual Toronto fundraising event for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Who uses food banks?

You may be surprised. According to the Hunger Count 2012 Provincial Report, most of the people who visit food banks are just like you and me. Hard working people and young families who experienced an unforeseeable hardship and need a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Our everyday food banks clients include recent university graduates, loving parents, seniors, children, and youth who have been met with unfortunate circumstances. Some might have lost a job, some might be wage workers who are struggling to make ends meet, and some might have suffered a financial, physical, or emotional crisis. It goes without saying, but chronic hunger is not something we can identify simply by looking at someone.

3 ways you can help HOHOTO and hungry people in Toronto

Please join Stafflink in supporting this very important cause!

  1. Be a sponsor. Are you able to step in and be our Mrs. Claus ($7,500) or Elf ($5,000) sponsor this year? How about a Reindeer ($2,000) or Snowflake ($1,000)? Your generosity could be your best marketing and hiring strategy yet.
  2. Donate a raffle prize. If sponsorship is not in the cards for you this year, how about donating great raffle prizes to HoHoTO? Ping @alexaclark or try
  3. Buy a ticket for the HOHOTO party. You party for one night, they eat for one week! Put this in perspective for a minute: $40 buys one decent dinner for two, or one movie outing for two. Maybe a t-shirt or two. That same $40 would feed a family for one week, and wouldn’t that be the best gift to give someone this holiday season?

Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter loves HoHoTO

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