In this step you will discover the amazing power of WordPress Themes. I searched the 1000s of WordPress themes available for ones that work well for e-resume portfolio websites. Ill show you a few of my favorites. But first, I want to tell you a bit about WordPress themes.

Quick recap: In Step 1 you got a web host and a domain name. In Step 2 you installed WordPress. Way to go! It just keeps getting better from here.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme as a website template that you can attach to your site. It sets up the layout, fonts, colors and background images. Many themes come with built in plugins that add functionality to your site such as connecting with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

WordPress comes with a free default theme. Or you can upload a free theme from the 1400+ pre-approved free themes available in the gallery. If you have trouble finding the right theme in the official WordPress gallery, you’ll find countless themes on the web. Just search “WordPress Themes” and you’ll see what I mean.

Please be careful with free WordPress themes from unknown sources because many of them come with viruses! I’ll tell you how to find safe free themes in the next section.

Choosing a Theme

Finding the right theme can be an overwhelming task. Before I show you a few of my favourites, I want to give you an overview of the kinds of themes that are out there along with a very important warning about the dangers of using free themes from unknown sources.

Free Themes

You can get 1400+ free themes in the WordPress Free Themes Gallery that have been checked out and approved by  Another great source for free themes is Smashing Magazine:

Many free themes are infected with malicious code and hidden links. There are plugins you can use to screen themes for virues, but there are no failsafe methods. This article explains: Free Premium Plugin and Theme Downloaders Beware!

Premium Themes

Many premium themes are reasonably priced and more than worth the investment. I’m always amazed by the value you get with a good premium theme. You get a professionally designed site with clean code for a tiny fraction of the cost of developing a site from scratch. Some sources for reasonably priced premium themes: is my favourite source for premium themes because you get access to all of their themes for $39/year and the themes are beautiful. I showcase their Resume Theme and Business Card themes below. If you want to make a blog-portfolio, start an online store, or publish an app, or build a business website, or just post your resume – has a beautiful theme that fits your needs. And unlimited themes are included in one membership fee.

Another great source for themes: They let you play around with some themes before you buy with the Try Before You Buy Playground.  You can test drive their themes before you start using them.

Theme Frameworks

WordPress Theme Frameworks are for web designers and web developers who want to have a cleanly coded WordPress framework to use as a starting point for a custom website. I used the iThemes Builder framework for and  our blog at Frameworks are more expensive, more flexible and usually more difficult to use than premium themes.

Ready to choose a theme?

Here are some of the best themes I’ve found for e-resume portfolio sites. Some of them are free, and some are premium themes that offer features to enhance your site that you can’t get for free.

My Resume WordPress Theme from

My Resume Premium WordPress Theme

My Resume Premium WordPress Theme from

Preview: HereWhere to Purchase: Here

Cost: $39/year and includes unlimited access to 72 designs – totally worth it!

MyResume is a great theme to promote yourself and create a professional and sophisticated online presence. It’s sleek, simple and easy to use, but also boasts some great features that will make handling your resume all the easier. Add new pages to your resume, create new tabs, connect with your peers using the social networking integration, and even add a custom portfolio at the click of a button.

Support and updates are included with your membership fee.

Business Card WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes

Business Card Theme from Elegant Themes

The Business Card Theme from

Preview: Here

Cost: Another clean and minimalistic theme by that is included with your $39 yearly membership. You get 72 themes for the price of one.

Website: Elegant Themes Gallery

Options Panel: All themes from Elegant Theme come with an advanced theme options page that makes it easy to tweak your site. Gives you complete control over your theme and its various settings.

Irresistible by Woo Themes

Irresistible Free WordPress Theme from WooThemes

Irresistible is a Free Theme from Woo Themes

Cost: You can download Irresistible for free but the free version does not include  support. It costs $70 to get a standard membership with support.

Preview: Here

Comes with 9 different color schemes. It’s great for people who love to microblog and network via social media.

The creators describe Irresistible as “a visually-rich personal blog, with a multimedia focus. Incorporating some nifty video-options and widgets. Just add your content to the mix.”

Clean Home WordPress Theme from gallery

The Clean Home Theme

The Clean Home Theme is available in free and pro versions

Creator site: Here

Download: Here

Cost: Free from themes gallery, or a Pro version is available for $20

This WordPress theme has a minimal, clean looking design. Very few images. Lightweight and fast loading. Minimalistic – nothing to distract your users so your content stays king.

The Pro version has these additional features for $20: Fully customizable blurb – select between hidden, random phrase, image, and per-post assigned text, 7 color schemes, 2 distinct styles, an email subscribe button plus automatic feed redirection, fully customizable Home Page.

Free Themes Recommended by Speckyboy

Speckyboy Design Magazine recently published a blog post recommending 20 free themes, many of which would work well for a blog portfolio site like the one you’re going to build: 20 New and Free Minimal WordPress Themes

Did You Find a Theme for Your Site?

Do you know of a theme that’s not on the list that you want to recommend to others?

In the next step I will show you how to install the theme you chose on you site. After that we’ll work adding content to your site. We’ll tackle your site one section at a time: sidebar, logo, About Me page, Contact page, Blog, and so on.

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