Having a business card is a great way to communicate exactly what you do and provide your contact information. It’s also a great way to showcase your creative side and do something memorable. If you are looking for a job as a new grad, creating a personal business card is one of the fastest things you can do to present yourself as a professional, even if you are just entering the workforce.

If designing your own business card makes you nervous, there are hundreds of companies online with design templates you can use.

Robin Rivera's Winning Business Card Design for StafflinkAt Stafflink, we used a great site called 99designs.com that is a relatively inexpensive way to get hundreds of design ideas for a business card. We also used a company called Moo.com to print our company business cards. If you’re interested in using them, they also offer many design templates, and give you the option to order a small print run of as few as 50 cards. Your order is processed quickly, and everything can be done online, which we found very convenient.

Business Card Tips:

  • Keep your business card simple: Don’t get carried away with fancy font or elaborate designs. Make sure it’s clean and easy to read.
  • Add your personal tag line: This will tell people who you are and exactly what you do.
  • Bring them everywhere: Family events, lunch with friends, and parties. When the topic of what you do comes up, it’s the perfect time to tell people you’re in the market for new opportunities, pull out your card, and share your elevator speech. You never know who knows who. You might meet a friend or relative who just happens to work in the industry you’re trying to break into.
  • Don’t forget to connect online: When you exchange cards with people, remember to also build your network on LinkedIn. Look up any new contacts on LinkedIn and send them an invitation to connect as soon as possible with a friendly message reminding them how you met.

While LinkedIn makes it easy to keep in touch with business contacts online, business cards are still vital when it comes to networking in person. Sure, you can give people your information on a cell phone, but it still can’t replace the ease of passing someone a business card.

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