If you don’t already have one, creating a LinkedIn profile is a must for new graduates. Not only is this free online networking tool a great way to make connections, but it’s an excellent job search tool as well.

Stafflink discusses the importance of LinkedIn
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

Add as much detail as you can to your profile.
The more content you add to your profile, the better your chance of coming up in a search by a potential employer. Don’t be afraid to add information that you feel may seem irrelevant to your ultimate career goals. You never know what bit of information will spark interest from a potential employer. For example, if you were a soccer coach, and you add this to your LinkedIn profile, if a hiring manager has a passion for soccer as well, this little tid-bit of information may help you to score an interview.

Add a professional photo of yourself.
A good portrait photo lets employers put a face to a name and boosts your chances of getting contacted by a potential employer. When adding a photo, keep in mind that LinkedIn is not Facebook. Only professional looking photos of you alone are acceptable, meaning no group shots or pictures of you taken at a bar, no matter how nice they may be.

Join LinkedIn groups.
You never know who you will come into contact with by joining a group. Some good groups to join are ones associated with your school, alumni groups, companies that you are interested in, and any groups associated with your own passions and hobbies such as sports or marketing groups, just be sure they are appropriate.

Include your email address in your headline.
This is a quick way for employers to contact you. If you decide to do this make sure your email is professional, and not an old one which may not be business appropriate.

Get as many recommendations as you can.
You are more enticing to potential hiring managers with the endorsements you can get on your profile.

As a recent one myself, I can say for a fact, new grads should  get LinkedIn. If you already have a profile, be sure to regularly update it. You never know who may come across your profile and want to offer you a job.

If you haven’t already created a LinkedIn profile get on it, and you’ll soon be on the fast track to a job opportunity!

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