The one spiel every new graduate needs to perfect as soon as possible is an elevator speech. An elevator speech is an essential tool that can help sell a new graduate to a potential hiring manager. Deemed the elevator speech because it should be equivalent to the length of an elevator ride, it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to someone that could potentially hire you. It gives people a brief overview of who you are and specific skill sets you have that can benefit their company.

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when creating your own elevator speech:

Have 2-3 key selling points about yourself prepared: Your points should quickly explain who you are, the skills you have, and how you will benefit a company if they hire you. Make sure these key points help to set you apart as an individual and are related to the end goal you are trying to achieve.

Create a tagline: This the hook that captures the attention of the individual you are speaking with. The key is to have the individual want to continue to engage in conversation with you so that they can learn more about you, and you can begin to develop some rapport between the two of you.

Tailor your speech as needed: It is perfectly fine to have multiple elevator speeches dependent upon the situation in which the speech is needed. For example, if you are talking with a marketing advisor, it would be beneficial to focus your speech on your marketing background as opposed to all the finance courses and experience you have.

Practice makes perfect: You never know when this speech will come in handy. Perfecting your elevator speech is important so try to practice it as much as you can, so it is executed perfectly when needed.

If you already have crafted your elevator speech, try to analyze it and see if there are any changes you can do in order to improve it and if you have not yet created this personal pitch, start brainstorming immediately because you never know when it will come in handy!


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