Using Pinterest to Search for a Job

You can pin your resume on Pinterest

With the job market being as competitive as it is, job seekers are becoming more creative in order to find employment. One trend that has become increasingly popular is to utilize Pinterest for job search.  According to Business Wire, in January of 2012 alone, Pinterest had over 10 million unique page views and drives more traffic than Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIN combined. This is reason enough for any jobseeker to take advantage of this popular social media tool.

Tips for Utilizing your Pinterest Account to Find a Job

1) Post your resume on Pinterest

There are a numbers of ways you can go about doing this.

  • Post your resume on an online resume website such as any of the jobs boards (Monster, Indeed, Workopolis…) and then pin the link to that website onto one of your boards on Pinterest.
  • If you are in a profession which has a creative element to it, you could post a variety of samples of your work online and then individually pin those links to your boards
  • Pin the url for your blog-portfolio website.  This is an effective tool for many bloggers as well as they could pin every blog they write on Pinterest in order to generate more traffic to their blog.

2) Try to get as many key words in your profile as possible

The more key words you have, the greater the chance of your profile being found by a potential company or recruiter. Also, if you have any designations in your potential employment field, it may be beneficial to include that in the title along with your name as a recruiter may search directly on that key word or acronym when looking for candidates.

3) Follow companies that you are interested in

Many companies are now creating company Pinterest accounts which promote recent articles about the company as well as job openings, so try to take advantage of these opportunities.

Be careful of what you pin on Pinterest

The key is to remember that Pinterest is currently one of the most influential branding tools in the world, so it is important to use this website to market yourself in the best way possible.

It may be best to create a personal account as well as an employment account because you want to come off as professional as you can and combining these two accounts may hinder your chance of employment.

Have you found success using Pinterest in your job search or do you have any other helpful tips when using Pinterest in your job search? Please feel free to pass on any other stories or tips!


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