promoting your e-resumeYou’ve created an e-resume portfolio website. Now, how do you go about attracting visitors? To help you out, I’ve outlined a few steps you can take to start promoting your e-Resume portfolio and getting traffic.

Tell the World About Your Site

Get Found...Get Hired! How to get visitors to your e-resume portfolio siteTell friends, family and any appropriate personal contacts that you have launched your e-Resume portfolio and ask for feedback on the look and feel of your site and the content. Once you’ve taken their feedback into consideration and you’re comfortable with any changes, broadcast your e-resume to a wider social network via email and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn.

Your e-Resume portfolio could give you that extra edge when up against other job applicants. Be sure to mention your e-Resume when applying for jobs in your email cover letters and during interviews, when relevant.

Add a Link to Your e-Resume on Social Networking Accounts

Be sure to put the URL to your e-resume website on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. Send out a tweet sharing the link, do a Facebook post sharing the link, and a do LinkedIn status update sharing the link as well. Don’t be shy. Get the word about your e-Resume out there!

Broadcast New Posts

Anytime you add new content to your portfolio, be sure to mention it on all your social media networks as well. The more you broadcast your content, the more traffic you’ll get. Ask friends or family to share the links on their social networks as well for further exposure.

Get Active Online

Recruiters love to scour groups on LinkedIn for talent. Joining groups on LinkedIn and Facebook is a great way to get yourself noticed. Be sure to join groups related to your job and then get involved in discussions around your field of expertise. You need to offer something useful before you can promote yourself, and offering comments and advice to other people’s questions showcasing your talents is a great way to do that. Once you’ve posted a good comment or response, then you can offer a link that points readers to your portfolio. Don’t just post your link everywhere and think it won’t get marked as spam.

Share Your Link on Other Blogs

The comments section on blogs is a great place to get your link noticed. However, much like when commenting in groups, you don’t want to just spam someone’s blog with your link. First, you’ll want to find blogs related to your field. Be sure to offer a valuable comment or response that is appropriate to the blog post you are commenting on. If you do that, bloggers probably won’t mind if you put your link at the end of your comment, but no one likes an obvious spammer!

Do a Guest Blog Post

If you have a friend with a great blog that already has high traffic volume, see if they will let you do a guest post and get a link to your e-Resume portfolio as part of the content. If you don’t know anyone, there are a few great sites like where you can connect with someone willing to work with you.

Promoting Your e-Resume on Social News Websites

Another great place to share your links to your e-Resume portfolio is on article submission sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. There are many sites like this out there that will let you share your links for free. Here’s a link to 115 social news websites.

When putting your content out into the Web, some people can be harsh critics, especially on sites like Reddit, so be prepared. The plus side is you could get some honest feedback that can help you improve your content.

Do you have any other suggestions on getting your e-Resume portfolio noticed? I’d love to hear them!