Recently, Stafflink did an interview with ITWorld Canada on the struggles that many IT skilled immigrants face when coming to Canada. While IT skills are generally universal, meaning that having Oracle skills in Russia or India is the same as in Canada, Canadian experience can be a big barrier for people when trying to land their first job here. If you are a new immigrant to Canada struggling to make it, don’t lose hope. At Stafflink we’ve worked with hundreds of newcomers to Canada and helped them find a job. There are resources out there to help you make the transition.

New Immigrants Face a Tough Slog on the IT Job Market by Brian Bloom for IT World Canada

New Immigrants Face a Tough Slog on the IT Job Market

In the interview with ITWorld Canada, Tim offers CES as a really useful service for new immigrants where they can get their education and qualifications verified and credited. Below we’ve outlined CES and WES, two resources that can help new immigrants to Canada get their education and qualifications assessed in hopes of helping newcomers to Canada integrate into academic and professional settings.

Comparative Education Service
Comparative Education Services (CES)

  • Comparative Education Services (CES) is a division of the University of Toronto – a Canadian credential assessment service that evaluates foreign academic qualifications.
  • The service has been around for over 40 years.
  • CES has a wealth of information about foreign institutions, which makes their assessment process quite fast.
  • CES clients receive a customized letter of assessment providing an accurate comparison of their international educational credential to a Canadian equivalent.
  • CES is the only Canadian credential assessment service affiliated with a university (University of Toronto), and is recognized by the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)

How CES Can Help You

  • CES assessment letters help Canadian employers, academic institutions and professional licensing bodies properly understand the equivalency of your international academic accomplishments.
  • CES letters of assessment compare your qualifications to equivalent Canadian credentials, helping you establish your career in Canada.
  • Monica Chong, senior credentials assessor at the CES, says the organization’s assessments are “widely accepted” by employers.
  • Some people use the service to get assessments before interviews, while others come in after an interview, when they find out they need it.

Comparative Education Service (CES) Contact Information:

School of Continuing Studies

University of Toronto

158 St. George Street

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2V8 Canada

Tel.: +1 416 978-2400

Fax: +1 416 978-7022


Web site:

World Education Services
World Education Services (WES)

  • WES stands for World Education Services -a research-based non-profit organization that evaluate international credentials.
  • They’ve been around for over 30 years, and work closely with academic institutions, ministries of education and education authorities all over the world.
  • Their database, known as AICES, is North America’s leading source of international education intelligence.
  • Every year they provide over 50,000 evaluations accepted by:
    • academic institutions
    • employers
    • licensing and certification boards
    • government agencies in both Canada and the United States

How WES Can Help You

  • The mission of WES is to help immigrants from foreign countries integrate into academic and professional settings in North America.
  • They provide services that allow those educated outside the United States and Canada to have their academic credentials recognized when applying for employment, further academic education, professional licensing, and immigration to Canada or the US.
  • WES helps international students, job seekers, and immigrants by providing the most credible and trusted credential evaluations they can get.
  • WES also helps employers by assuring that their hires have the educational backgrounds required for the job at hand.
  • The WES database assists organizations and institutions with international education research with information on over:
    • 45,075 foreign academic institutions
    • 214 countries
    • 19,776 credentials
    • 1,541 grading scales

World Education Services -Canada (WES) Contact Information:

2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400

Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3 Canada

Tel.: +1 416 972-0070

Fax: +1 416 972-9004

Toll-free: +1 866 343-0070 (from outside the 416 area code)


Web site:

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

For a full list of services across Canada that offer credential evaluation, assessment and qualification recognition services, visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) a unit of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

More Resources for Newcomers to Canada

Keep an eye out for our Newcomers to Canada resource page, coming soon! It will feature more advice and tips for newcomers arriving to Canada and trying to start a career.

Have you been struggling to make it in Canada? Do you have any advice for others that may be just arriving that you wish someone had told you before you got here? Please leave your comments in the comments section below.


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