Tech Jobs in High Demand in Toronto

Tech Jobs in High Demand in Toronto

Working in IT recruiting, we get a first hand look at what the hot tech jobs are in Toronto and the GTA. At the moment, if you have the skill sets listed below, with relevant work experience, you are likely not going to have a problem getting hired.

If you have the skills listed below, but you find that you aren’t having success finding a job, you may need to review your resume and interview skills, and consider whether you are asking for too high a salary.

Below are seven of the hottest jobs in high demand in Toronto at the moment and what it takes to get the job:

Object-Oriented Professional Services Developers

  • Object-oriented developers that do client facing Implementations and Modifications
  • Excellent communication skills required
  • Technical skills required may include: Java, C#, web-based and Internet application development, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Mobile and Tablet Developers

  • Employers are looking to hire people with experience developing robust apps with tens of thousands of users
  • Execution environments include: Android, iOS, Blackberry and more
  • Good field to get into if you are a young developer
  • Android mobile development in the field of healthcare is a particularly hot job at the moment
  • Technical skills required may include: Android, Objective-C, J2ME, C, C++, Java, JavaScript

UX UI Developers and Designers

  • People that understand interface and graphic design
  • Can develop/design for multiple platforms including mobile and tablets
  • Some employers ask for HFI certified usability analys
  • Technical skills required may include: Wireframe development, page development (HomeSite, Dreamweaver or other similar programs), page asset production (XHTML, DHTML, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Flash and JavaScript files)

Software Product Mangers

  • Software product management covers all steps of a products life-cycle, consisting of these five major phases:
    • Strategy
    • Concept
    • Market Entry
    • Development
    • Evolution
  • Technical skills required may include: Technology background, with experience leading the development of new products (from cradle to the grave). Experience with product road maps is key.

Developers with Finance Backgrounds

  • Programmers that have experience with Finance including Derivatives, Equities, Capital Markets are in very high demand at the moment
  • Technical skills required may include: Financial background and Programming skills including Java, C#, Websphere or Weblogic

Data Warehousing/ Data Analysts

  • Strong Business Intelligence skills (BI) required for analysis of big data
  • Create dashboards and reports that will show real time results
  • Data warehousing can be used to create new efficiencies for:
    • Decision support
    • Trend analysis
    • Financial forecasting
    • Insurance fraud analysis
    • Call record analysis
    • Logistics and Inventory management
    • Agriculture
  • Technical skills required include:  Cognos, Informatica, ETL, Redbrick, SSIS, SSRS, SAS, and SQL

Cloud Computing & Securities

  • Cloud Computing Securities refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing
  • This job will be in great demand over next year or two: right now this field is just growing
  • Clients already asking for people with cloud computing experience
  • Technical skills required include:  Virtualization, Linux, Free BSD, Unix, Citrix

Are you currently working in any of the jobs listed above? Any advice for people looking to get into your field?


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