As an IT staffing agency in downtown Toronto, we provide our candidates with a few pointers before they head out on their job interviews. We thought we’d share this info on our blog for others to use. It’s pretty straight forward information, but in those nervous moments the day before an interview, this list might help put your mind at ease.

Chances are if you’ve been asked to come in for an interview, the company is already interested in your skill set, and would like to get to know how you present yourself and how you would fit into the office environment. The interview is your chance to back up your resume in person, while adding a bit of flavour about yourself that you might not otherwise be able to get across through your resume.

Below we’ve listed some tips to help you ace your interview:

Before the Job Interview:

  • Research the company: Google (obviously), LinkedIn and Facebook are great spots to find information on a potential place of employment. By knowing a bit about where you might be working, you’ll have some information to form questions around, in case you are asked.
  • Map out the fastest route to get to your interview: With awesome tools like Google Maps accessible to everyone, being late because you “don’t know the area” isn’t a very good excuse.
  • Prepare a one minute answer for the question, “Tell us about yourself”: Leave them with one thing you want them to remember about you, like a unique trait they won’t find anywhere else, an accomplishment from a previous job etc.
  • Get a good nights sleep the night before: You want to look fresh-eyed and alert, not drowsy.

Day of the Job Interview:

  • Bring more than one copy of your resume: You may be interviewing with more than one person, so be prepared with a few copies of your resume.
  • Dress professionally: Stay conservative, but memorable. Both men and women should have at least one tailored suit. Wearing a pop of colour in your tie or blouse can give you that little something memorable, especially if there are many people interviewing for the same job.
  • Arrive on time: Use your pre-planned route to get there ahead of time. Try to be at least 15 mins early. Any earlier than that, wait before going to meet the receptionist.
  • Greet the receptionist: Let them know who you’re seeing. Be polite. Stand while waiting to avoid an awkward meet and greet from your chair.

During the Job Interview:

  • Show confidence: Begin and end the interview with a good firm handshake.
  • Look calm, cool and collected: Once in the interview room, sit up straight and don’t fidget.
  • Listen and respond intently: Don’t over-think your answers.
  • Just be honest: If you don’t know the answer, don’t lie.
  • Don’t ask about vacation time: Ask about how you can help to overcome the companies challenges, achieve goals, and what the companies priorities are. Show how interested you are in doing something for the company, rather than asking what the company can do for you.
  • Be confident and be yourself: You got this interview based on your skills. They think you are qualified, and have the technical skills for the job. Now, wow them with your attitude and what you can bring to the table to stand apart from the other candidates.

For more interview tips, check out Neil’s video.

Hopefully our tips will come in handy during your job hunt. For those of you that are looking, good luck!

Do you have any other good interview tips to share?


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