If you are like so many individuals who are able to land job interviews but you are not getting job offers, the issue may lie within your interview style. Luckily, this problem is a quick fix and there are lots of ways you can go about improving your interview style.

The key to nailing your interview is to remember that while first impressions are very important, how you respond to the interview questions is equally as important. At least 50% of the purpose behind an in-person interview is to decipher whether you would be a good fit among the team.

Keeping that in mind, here are some things you can consider to get to the root of the reason as to why you are not getting job offers:

  • Tune up your communication skills
  • Use your webcam to record yourself in a mock-interview, then review the video for the following:
    • Are you too talkative?
    • Are you mumbling?
    • Are your listening to and addressing the question being asked?
    • Are your answers making sense?
    • Is your body language coming across as confident?
  • Ask the interviewer for honest feedback
  • Work on your Elevator Speech
  • Plan answers to typical questions ahead of time. Most likely you will be asked:
    • About your biggest strengths and weaknesses
    • About a time you were faced with conflict and how you dealt with it
    • What you know about the company
    • Why you would want to work there
  • Avoid making any negative comments about a previous employer or manager no matter how negative the experience was.
  • Also avoid asking about salary. The key is to wait until the hiring manager brings this topic up.

Hopefully now you will know what you need to address if you get interviews but no job offers!

Can you think of any other interview tips? Feel free to pass them on by posting in the comments section below!


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