Job Magnet: Attract Job Offers with a Blog Portfolio Website

A blog portfolio can be a job magnet

Whenever I come across a really great blog portfolio website I kind of freak out because I’m always on the lookout for great e-resume portfolio websites.

I’m obsessed with  these sites  because they have the potential to transform a person’s career.

You can literally go from a job seeker to the master of your career with a “” site.

When you see the site I’m showcasing in this post, I think you’ll see what I mean.

Example of a Great Blog Portfolio Site

Today I stumbled across a website that is perfection as far as blog portfolios go:

We can learn a lot by studying how this talented web developer combines blogging, tutorials and a portfolio to create a steady flow of work.

Example of a great career portfolio website


It Takes More Skill than Luck

How did I find this site? Luck. Yesterday I was trying to figure out how to display some posts in a nice grid on a Featured Products page. Then I found this video tutorial recommended in a support forum: “Supercharge WordPress with Loopbuddy and Custom Post Types

I had to find out more about the person that put together this great resource and get recommended in a top forum. I clicked around the site and discovered that the author is available for consulting, that he’s designed lots of other great websites, that he’s published lots of other interesting tutorials and content.

I subscribed to his RSS feed and newsletter. Would I hire him? Of course!

Takeaway: Blogging can be good for your career

This site is a perfect example of how a technology expert can use a website to build a successful career.

New grads, new comers, anyone who wants to take control of their career, can benefit from having a website that is dedicated to their work.

Nathan Ingram sets the bar really high. He’s shows us what’s possible. You can love your work, share valuable information with your community and create a steady flow of work at the same time.

What makes this career portfolio so great?  Content + Design

  1. Exceptional Content! Truly helpful and complete tutorials. Shares information that people in his field need to know.
  2. Design: The content just shines through the simple clean design.
  3. Excellent Typography: Perfectly paced and readable. Great contrast between the big bold headings and the 16 pixel body text. Perfect spacing between headings and paragraphs.
  4. Great Slider: Love the homepage slider that dynamically reveals some recent posts.
  5. Simple color pallet: You can’t go wrong with black, grey and red text on a crisp white background.
  6. Great About Me page: If you’re not already completely sold by the articles and tutorials, you will by after you read the About Me page. This is a guy you want to work with.
  7. Invitation to hire him via his Consulting page. Every blog portfolio needs an invitation to engage with the author. Nathan Ingram is at the level where he can ask you to pay up front.

A great site like this goes way beyond a template.

You can find lots of good WordPress blog portfolio themes out there. It’s really the content that makes this site exceptional. Then the design pushes the content to a whole new level.

Here’s what you can do to start building your own job attraction website:

  • Get a professional blog started. You can do this for free with Blogger or WordPress.
  • Write a compelling About Me page that tells people about your skills and why you do what you do
  • Add a Contact page that makes it easy for people to hire you
  • Start creating and publishing your own content. One post at a time.
  • Get involved with special interest groups, other bloggers, support communities related to your field

Proof that Professional Websites Create Jobs is the best example I’ve ever seen of how a professional portfolio website can be used to find great work opportunities.

I’m always on the hunt for great sites like this. If you know of a great e-resume portfolio website, let me know! I’m working on a Top 10 Blog Portfolio Websites list and I would love to check out your favorites.


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