I recently watched a video on USA Today about female tech execs that I thought would be interesting to discuss in today’s blog post.

In the video, Victoria Ransom of Wildfire Interactive and other female tech execs discuss their thoughts on a new wave of startups led by female entrepreneurs.

Are there fewer women tech execs than men?

“Are there fewer women tech exes than men? Definitely. Far fewer, I think,” according to Victoria Ransom, Founder and CEO of Wildfire, “If you look at larger tech companies or Fortune 500 companies, I think around 3% of companies have female CEOs. In terms of large organizations, I’d say it’s far fewer than 10%”

Victoria went on to say that in the startup community, while she meets many female founders, they tend to be early stage companies. While she is hopeful that this shows an upsurge in women led tech companies, it will take 2-5 years when these companies grow up, that we’ll start to see proportions change. So far, there aren’t many women led start ups that have scaled to a reasonable size of 100+ employees.

Are female tech execs mythical creatures in the workplace?

In the video, Amaryllis Fox, Founder of Mulu mentions that, “Most startups and most companies are particularly interested when they find skilled female engineers because they’re sort of this yeti, unicorn, mythical creature.”

Women feeling pressure to be better than men

It’s perhaps because of this feeling that all eyes are on them that women in technology feel the need that they have to be better than men.

Clara Smith of Hearsay Social offers that, “A lot of us have felt pressure to be everything the guys are and more, because we know the sad truth that all else equal, sometimes they will get selected because they are a guy. So we have to be even better, and we have to be bulletproof, and thats how we build confidence. And we have to know it inside and out and review our pitch maybe 50 times more than our co-founder does, because he’s a guy and he feels more secure about it, and it’s through that we build confidence.”

What about your place of employment? Do you have a female tech exec? Maybe you had a female CEO at a previous place of employment. Is it different than having a male CEO? Do you agree that skilled female engineers and women in technology are seen as yeti, unicorn, mythical creatures in the workplace, as Mrs. Fox suggests?

Our own Michelle De Rubeis, an IT recruiter here at Stafflink wrote an article on the lack of women in technology a while back called,  “Where are the women?: Connecting Women and Technology.” You might want to give  this article a read as well for some more insight from female tech founders.

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