What makes a man doll worthy? Apparently whatever it is, the late Steve Jobs had it.

Steve Jobs DollA 12-inch collectible Steve Jobs action figure dressed in his trademark outfit of a black turtle neck, blue jeans, rimless specs, New Balance running shoes, and even a wedding ring is set to be released in February in the U.S.

Hong Kong toy company, In Icons who launched the realistic action figure are rumoured to be causing a stir at Apple, who are reportedly going to be taking legal action against the company in an attempt to stop release of the doll.

In 2010, an earlier Steve Jobs doll was released by a company called ‘Made In China’ (MIC). Less realistic than the soon-to-be-released Steve Jobs doll, it came with speech bubbles and a minitaure iPhone. The same company also released a Mark Zuckerberg action figure  a few months later.

The new Steve Jobs action figure from In Icons is a much more realistic likeness of Jobs, but does not feature any Apple products, most likely for legal reasons.

Too Soon?

Along with the release of various Steve Jobs dolls, Mashable reported there were claims of a Steve Jobs biopic in the works, with rumours George Clooney would star as Jobs.

With his passing only a few months ago, what do you think? Is it too early to start cashing in on the tech visionary with dolls and movies?


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