Bump - a free file sharing app for iPhone and Android

Bump is a free file sharing app for vCards, files, videos and images

Business cards. We all have them. But do we really need them anymore. I find them crunched up in the back pocket of my jeans after they’ve been through the wash. They pile up on my desk. How about those times I pull out a card to give to someone and discover that it’s wrinkled with curled edges. There has to be a better way!

There is. And it’s free. I just discovered Bump and I’m gradually convincing everyone in my office upload it to their phones.

Imagine. Every time you share your business card it looks perfect. No curled edges. No wrinkles. In fact, you don’t even have to remember to bring it because it’s always sitting there on your phone. You never have to print new ones and you never run out of them. You can change your information anytime.

That’s not all. Say you’re on the train or at an event and you want to share a photo, your resume, or a video. If they have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’re in luck.

Just get them to install Bump. It’s free and it only takes a minute to download. Then they’re good to go. It will automatically gather their contact info and create a vCard for them. Or they can choose a file to send to you. Then bump away.

They can bump their resume to you, their vCard business card, a picture from their vacation. Whatever.

I find Bump to be seamless to use with my iPhone, laptop and iPad. My coworker had a little issue with her Android phone, but all she had to do was turn on location services and it worked like magic.

Video: Share vCards, Photos, Files and Videos between phones, tablets and computers with Bump

In case you want to try it out yourself, they have excellent instructions at http://bu.mp. I put together this 2 minute video to show you around the app.

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