Great recession grads have great social media skills for job search

Many employers welcome the Great Recession grads

Parents of recent grads had multiple job offers, bonuses and regular raises when they graduated. But it’s a whole new ballgame for graduates entering the workforce now. Today’s grads have much different expectations about their job prospects. Employers are finding that many recent grads bring a great work ethic and excellent social media networking skills.

Great Recession Graduates

Cliff Oxford (founder of Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs) calls new job seekers the Great Recession graduates. He says recent grads have been born into a different reality. Oxford feels like when he interviews recent graduates that he is interviewing his dad who lived though the Great Depression.

Many of these new grads are hardened to the reality of a tough economy. Some of them stayed at home during university and had to work their way through school. Which makes them hungrier and more flexible than people who graduated 10 or 15 years ago.  If you want people to wear business attire they will. Benefits are important but they just want to work.

“These Great Recession Graduates are perfect players for fast-growth companies,” Mr. Oxford wrote, “where a hunger to work and a will to win override the need for entitlements, praise and corner offices.”

Recent grads just get online recruitment

Another big  advantage for recent grads – they know how to use social media to get noticed by employers. All of those hours spent socializing on Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler now translate into valuable job skills.

New grads understand that their online presence can significantly improve their job prospects. At Stafflink, we coach job seekers to use keywords strategically on their LinkedIn, You Tube, Github and Twitter profiles. They need to use keywords that match the responsibilities of the job they are seeking. Think like a recruiter. What skills would a recruiter search on to find a person like you. New grads just get this.

Another great way to get recognized by recruiters is to blog and show you are a thought leader. Many new grads use blogging to get the attention of employers, because the they know that many recruiters now search blogs to find top candidates.

Also, many employers want to hire people with excellent social media networking skills to work as  a community managers or an online marketing specialist.

The future looks bright for recent grads

The bottom line is that many recent grads bring a great work ethic, flexibility and social media networking skills that are extremely valuable for the businesses that hire them. Sometimes the motivation to adapt and work hard are more important than experience.