Searching for IT job candidates on Google+

Search Google+ to find profiles of IT talent

On Tuesdays we like to post tips to help recruiters mine the web for those difficult-to-find job candidates with niche and highly in-demand tech skills. If you’re a tech recruiter and you’re not using Google plus for recruiting IT talent, then you might want to add it to your repertoire.

Google+ Surpasses LinkedIn in Users and Hits

Google+ is a rapidly growing and relatively new social media platform from the king of search. They’ve gained 250 million users since launching only a year ago in June 2011. This surpasses the 150 million users on LinkedIn.

According to Hitwise, Google+ now ranks 5th in top 10 social media websites for June 2012

Hitwise ranked Google+ the 5th most popular social media June 2012

Google+ was 5th most popular social media site in June 2012

Why are techies hanging out on Google+ ?

Google+ has some advantages over Facebook and LinkedIn including:

  • Better mobile apps
  • Google+ is an open platform which makes it easier to develop for and search
  • Networking and search applications on Google+ are free, whereas LinkedIn charges user fees to increase your reach on their network.

How to Search Google+ for IT Job Candidates

  • You will get better results if you use G+ Search to submit your queries:
  • You need to sign into a Google account to view the search results
  • Just use your favourite Boolean search strings

Remember to save your search strings. They might come in handy the next time you’re searching for a candidate with a similar skill set.

Got any more tips for using Google plus for  recruiting? What is your best source for finding IT candidates? Please let us know in the comments!