Do you ever wake up feeling lucky. Then you bump into an old friend on the train. Or someone calls you with an opportunity. Or you stumble across a tweet with a solution to a problem you’ve been wrestling with.

Is it luck? Maybe. But have you ever noticed that some people are extra lucky.

My theory is that lucky people go around all day planting little seeds of success. It’s no coincidence that happy coincidences keep popping up for them.

Same thing happens with social media sharing. Keep reading because I ‘m going to give you 15 practical examples of things to post on your favourite social media networks to plant those seeds and grow your online network at the same time.

Social media sharing multiplies the lucky effect… if you use it wisely

The best approach to grow your online network and attract good things:

  • Make other people look good: Gives you a public place place to plant lots of those little seeds to make other people more successful.
  • Keep in touch: Let’s you stay in touch with friends, clients, classmates and make new friends
  • Grow a network of friends helping friends: Nurture your network naturally without using tricks and shady tools to get followers
  • Spread the love: Show people that you want the best for them and you really want them to succeed!

How do busy people find time for social media?

I know. It’s impossible to get through your list of A priorities everyday. So you have to use the nooks and crannies – like while you’re watching a game at night, or on the train.

Another trick is to focus on one or two channels. LinkedIn is my mothership. I like Twitter. It’s so easy to post a quick thank you or to retweet a friend. Facebook is entertaining and great for mixing up work and play.

Unless marketing is your job, just keep it simple!

15 ways to grow your online network (without coming across as annoying and self-serving)  

  1. Don’t be all business all the time. Mix in some personal stuff. I love talking about sports and running.
  2. Share jokes and cartoons
    Dilbert: I have an uncontrollable urge to show people better ways to do things.
  3. Share “must-read” content. Explain why it strikes a chord
  4. Solve a problem. Answer questions in LinkedIn special interest groups, your alumni group or on Quora.
  5. Share your passion on Pinterest. Repost your pins to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.
  6. Be thankful. Gratitude is magnetic. Give shoutouts to customers, clients, suppliers, the guy who helped you pick out a new laptop at Staples, and the woman who posted a solution that saved your butt.
  7. Comment on and circulate awesomeness. Share the posts and press releases of friends and clients. (screen capture of one of these posts)
  8. Inspire. I was so excited when my university friend John Young ran in the Boston marathon He’s amazing and I had to share it.

    Picture of Juli Windsor and John Young from

    Pure awesomeness! Juli Windsor and John Young participated in the Boston Marathon via

  9. Congratulate people and businesses for their important work and give them some link love.
  10. Share experiences like pics of a cool team building challenge at a corporate retreat.
  11. Share “must-read” content. Explain why it strikes a chord
  12. Solve a problem. Answer questions in LinkedIn special interest groups, your alumni group or on Quora.
  13. Share technical information or data only you would know in groups that share your obsessions.
  14. Share inspirational quotes but don’t overdo it. Every day is too cheesy. a free app to create image quotes (like the one below) on the fly. Images get 84% more click-throughs than text-based posts according to Kiss Metrics.

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. - Einstein

    I created this image with

  15. Offer valuable freebies. Like the Superstar Hiring Checklist. Give away stuff people can use. Someday they may remember you when they need your service. (Kinda like I’m doing right now…hopefully!)

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