To find developers who are innovative, go to the places where talented developers go to work on projects with their talented friends.

The tech recruiters at Stafflink connect with some of these brilliant creators on Github, Stackoverflow and LinkedIn.

Github is a code repository and code sharing community. Millions of developers used Github to collaborate with their friends on open-source projects they are developing.

Stackoverflow is a community of 4.7 million who help each other solve technical problems and troubleshoot code.

Github, Stackoverflow and LinkedIn also give us the opportunity to observe the developer’s approach to work, how they interact with their peers, and their technical skills.

  • Are they respected in their community?
  • Do they offer strategies and solutions?
  • Do they communicate in an helpful and respectful way?

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Infographic: Hiring Outliers — How to Identify, Recruit and Hire Innovative Developers with Game-Changer Potential

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