In last week’s blog “Twitter for Recruiters: Branding,” I discussed how to set up your Twitter, who to follow and how to create your online persona. Now that we have our “brand” established, we will be taking it one step further by discussing how to source on Twitter. We are going to look inside Twitter and find candidates!

Sourcing on Twitter: Getting Started

Go to!/search-advanced

This is twitter’s advanced search directory. It is a great place to start because it allows you search Twitter without knowing all of Twitter’s Boolean Operators. It will limit your search because it does not use the power of all of the available operators – but it is a good place to get started.

To search Twitter, we want to think like a tweeter. Tweeters have 140 characters to brag about themselves, whether it is through their tweets or in their bio space. If someone were to ask you to describe yourself in 140 characters – think of what you would say. Most people tend to revert to job title, certifications and industry.

If I am looking for a Project Manager, if I type in “Project Manager” and Toronto – chances are I am going to get lists of tweets for Project Management jobs. However, if I type in a certification – such as PMP and Toronto – I am more likely to produce results where people are discussing their PMP.

In addition, when most people write tweets they speak using pronouns (my, you, us, he, she, we, them.. etc). For example, “Started my endeavour to achieve my PMP”

If I type in “my PMP” and “Toronto” my results produce:

Now I have a nice little list of individuals in Toronto who have completed, are working towards, or who are talking about their PMP. I can start following these individuals and now when I post my Project Management job, I will have the right network of people looking at it and retweeting it.


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