Do you need some help with your job search, but you’re not sure where to turn? You’re not alone.

When you search for help online you’ll find a confusing mishmash of staffing agencies, not-for-profit career centres and government employment services.

Which employment service is right for you?

Government employment services are for everyone. Newcomers to Canada can get help with learning English, and with getting the proper government documents to work legally in Canada. It make sense to take advantage of government employment services along with other career service agencies that specialize in helping people like you.

The career services at not-for-profit organizations assist people with special needs. For example, CAMH, Charity Village, Acces Employment and the YMCA tend to cater to people with special challenges, like persons with disabilities for example.

Staffing agencies like Stafflink often specialize in helping a particular segment of jobs seekers. For example Stafflink specializes in placing IT professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Other staffing agencies specialize in executive placements, or the heath care industry or legal professionals.

This infographic shows the different types of organizations that help people find employment.

Government career services, not-for-profit employment centres and staffing agencies explained

Infographic created by Stafflink is an IT staffing agency in Toronto, Canada.

What’s Next?

We will explore this topic in more detail in future posts. If you’re not sure where to go next,
Service Canada
is a great place to start.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these services and where to go to get help.

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