Blackberry 10 is the parchute that will save RIM

Blackberry 10 is the parachute that will save RIM from becoming another Nortel

Once the #1 smartphone in the world, RIM is now in a free fall that brings Nortel to mind. They are asking us to believe that they will avoid crashing because they have a parachute called Blackberry 10.

I’m sad to admit that after 15 years as a diehard Blackberry user, if Blackberry 10 is not a game changer, I’ll be buying an iPhone in March. I’m holding out because I believe that RIM has the capacity to reinvent itself just like we’re seeing right now with Ford.

Ford is in the midst of one of the biggest comebacks we’ve ever seen. They are achieving this with some incredible innovation and the help of a government safety net.

Should there be safety net for RIM? Definitely. I’m sure the thousands of people that were laid off would agree.

Is RIM another Nortel? No way. With 2 billion cash on hand, a user base of 80 million and growing, and an army of dedicated developers, RIM is in a much better position than Nortel was before its demise.

RIM already changed the world but bringing us the first phones with email and BBM. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

What Will It Take for Blackberry 10 to Take Off?

Blackberry 10 is going to need some mind-blowing technology to overcome the weight of being at least two years behind its competitors. Not only does it have to be better than the iPhone or the Galaxy, it needs to have something that people can’t get in the top phones.

Nine crazy fantasy features that could save RIM and bring back the jobs….

These aren’t part of BB10 as far as we know. But maybe on future versions…

  1. Movie/Slideshow Projector: Imagine if I could pull out my phone at a client meeting and project a movie or a slideshow on the wall.
  2. Air keyboard: I hate typing on little keyboards and squinting at tiny screens. What if my phone could project a text editor and a full-size keyboard in the air in front of me.
  3. Self-charging battery: Imagine if your phone charged itself just by your movements as you carried it around throughout the day.
  4. Holographic video conferencing: It would be awesome to be able to conduct remote job interviews and meetings with live holographic images of the participants projected from the phone (think Star Wars).
  5. Free Internet: A phone that would be continuously connected to Internet by satellite for free.
  6. Photocopier/Scanner/Fax App: Have you ever tried to use the phone on your camera to take a phone of a hardcopy document when you didn’t have access to a photocopier? It doesn’t work so well. It would be great to have an app that could change my phone camera into a photocopier for documents.
  7. Universal Video Game Controller: Now you can jump into the game with your phone.
  8. mCommerce: Compatible with Square.
  9. Beam Me Up Scotty. Okay, now I’m just being ridiculous. Or am I?

Who builds apps like that?

Talented developers and engineers like the ones working around the world and around the clock right now, perfecting Blackberry 10 and developing BB10 apps.

RIM just finished Blackberry Jam sessions in 30 countries around the world. They are listening to what developers want. just posted Developers have 10,000 reasons to believe in BlackBerry

Key takeaways from Blackberry Jam

We believe in Blackberry 10 because....

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RIM’s survival is a matter of human resources

RIM’s ability to change the world all depends on the people that work for them. Starting at the top with Thorsten Heins who is inspiring thousands of team leaders and developers to continue to give RIM their best work.

The world is watching. RIM has our attention want to see them back on top.

We want to be amazed by BB10 and see RIM saved along with the jobs of thousands of Canadians and RIM employees all over the world.

What do you think? Is RIM another Nortel? Or will RIM rise back up like Ford?

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