Being in IT recruiting is a non-stop, time consuming career. It’s difficult to find the time to read up on what’s new in the recruiting world and get up to speed on new recruiting technologies.

Here at Stafflink, we’ve done some of the work for you. We rounded up this resource page with links to some of the most valuable  IT recruiting tips we’ve published to date. Topics cover everything from Boolean searches, to mobile aps,  to using new tools like Pinterest.

Tools for Sourcing Talent

Top Social Search Engines for IT Recruiting Beyond Google

As a recruiter, Google may be your favourite search engine, but when it comes to finding candidates, you will have a lot of success by branching out to newer and less popular search engines. Our recruiter, Michelle De Rubeis, discusses 3 search engines to try: Samepoint, Topsy, and Bing Social.

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Top Mobile Apps for IT Recruiters

As recruiters, we are always working; at the office, at home, and in-between. The use of smartphones and downloadable apps have made life easier for those moments when you’re away from your computer. Recruiter Neil Wiseblott discusses the top 4 mobile apps recruiters shouldn’t be without.

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Sourcing IT Talent from Blog Portfolio Sites

As a recruiter you are probably sourcing most of your candidates from search engines, and perhaps making use of a couple of social media tools, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. What about blog-portfolios? Stafflink’s Laura Upcott shares a few tips on recruiting from a channel you might be overlooking.

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Social Media IT Recruiting Tips

Get More Out of LinkedIn with Google Site Search

A recruiter shares the Google Site Search search technique that allows you to search one website at a time.  She also gives you three valuable Google search strings to help you get more out of LinkedIn searches, expand your network and perhaps even reveal private profiles.

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Using Google+ for Recruiting IT Job Candidates

If you’re not using Google+ for recruiting yet, you might want to consider adding it to your repertoire. Already surpassing the 150 million users on LinkedIn with over 250 million users, Google+ ranks 5th in top social media websites. Michelle De Rubeis shares a few reasons to use Google + for recruiting.

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How to Find Those Tweeters: Sourcing on Twitter

If you’re not already using Twitter for recruiting, you might want to reconsider. Michelle De Rubeis, recruiter at, shares how to source Twitter to find candidates and how to use Twitter’s advanced search directory.

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Pinterest for Recruiting

Sure it’s one of the most addictive social media websites out there, but did you know it can also be a great resource for recruiting candidates? Learn more about how to use this fast growing social media tool that everyone is raving about for recruiting purposes.

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More IT Recruiting Tips

How to Choose an IT Staffing Company

If you’re planning to hire a staffing agency, how do you know which one is best for you? We’ve outlined some key points to discuss when evaluating IT staffing and recruiting agencies covering everything from screening, placement fees, markups, what services should be included, and more.

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Sole Proprietorship vs Incorporation for Technical Contractors

The decision to incorporate comes up a lot in interviews with candidates. Is it worth the expense? Should a candidate bother to incorporate? In this article, our accountant Joanne Hyatt discusses how to help candidates decide if it’s worth spending $1,000 to become incorporated.

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Boolean Search Secrets for Recruiters

If you’re looking for more recruiting tips, check out our resource page of articles including topics such as finding passive candidates online, how to mine Google, how to source on LinkedIn, a variety of Boolean search techniques, and more.

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