It's a Wonderful Life

The holiday classic holiday movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” says everyone is a hero just for being alive.

Teamwork. It’s the glue that holds everything together here at Stafflink. And probably at every company.

I just saw the fall finale of Glee that was inspired by the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This morning I saw the same lesson in action here at Stafflink.

The lesson of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is to remind us that each and every one of us is a hero who came to this earth to save the world. Our challenges reveal our super powers and our gifts.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be here to fight our battles and inspire each other when the going gets tough.  Because without us, this wonderful life we share would be ruined.

When the first scene of Glee opens, Arti has a bleeding gash on his cheek and he’s slamming books into his locker. He’s a high school senior, who dreams of being a dancer, but  is stuck in a wheelchair. He just fell on his face in the icy parking lot because they forgot to salt his ramp.

Arti from Glee

Arti in Glee – his challenge is the glue that holds the team together

Fast forward – Arti’s angel erases the car accident that put Arti in the wheelchair. He wakes up to a new world where he is finally free to dance and entertain. But everything is wrong. The Glee club never existed, his best friends are bullies, and his friends’ achievements never happened.

What does this have to do with teamwork? Everything.

That’s why we are so careful about who we hire on our internal staff and on behalf of our clients. That’s why we go on and on about the importance of soft skills. Technical skills are wasted without the motivation to make a contribution that benefits the whole team.

Every successful team has a delicate social balance that you need to protect.

Arti’s character is the glue that holds his team – the Glee club – together. At Stafflink, every person on our team is the glue that holds our company together.

We all bring our strengths and our challenges. We trust each other. We root for each other to be successful. We help each other get through the tough times.

All of that teamwork adds up to individual and collective success. As a company we are growing more successful year by year because every individual on our team is continuously learning and becoming more successful.

People rarely fail because they don’t have the skills. People fail in jobs because they are difficult to work with. 

This week, one of our staff encountered a difficult situation with an individual, involving unprofessional behaviour. It was a shock to everyone on our team – however, we all brought different perspectives to the problem and came up with a response that diffused the emotion so we could all move forward.

Our team showed a tremendous amount of support for our staff member and we have become a stronger unit.

It’s like that every day at Stafflink. We share Boolean search strings. We share job requisitions. We share clients. We share success.

Together everyone achieves more. It’s true and that’s the gift of teamwork.

What is the glue that holds your team together? Please tell me in the comments section below.

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