Cardcloud is our mobile recruiting app of the week

You always have your business card handy if you install Cardcloud in your iPhone or Android phone.

You’re on the train and you meet an awesome mobile developer that you want to connect with for job opportunities. You reach in your pocket and pull out a crumpled up stack of business cards that went through the wash yesterday.

No worries. It’s so much cooler to share your business card with a vCard exchange app like Cardcloud.

Actually it seems kind of silly to carry around business cards when almost everyone you meet in a business setting is going to be sporting some kind of a smartphone. Not surprising many people are predicting the end of business cards.

You’re probably wondering, what if that awesome mobile developer doesn’t have Cardcloud installed on their phone. You can’t go around asking people to install an app just so they can store your contact info on their phone.

Again, no worries. The one thing I like most about Cardcloud is that the people you share your business card with do not have to have Cardcloud installed on their phone.

Another cool feature is that Cardcloud tracks the people you meet and remembers where, when and how you met them. That’s really helpful for IT recruiters who are always on the hunt for talent.

Cardcloud isn’t the only vCard exchange option out there. A post on Open Forum introduced 5 Apps to Digitize your Business Cards.

What do you think? Have vCard exchange and apps like Cardcloud eliminated the need for  you to carry around paper business cards?


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