Published February, 2013

If you’ve read any of Stafflink‘s previous blogs, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that we love to talk about our smartphones. Tim belongs in a Blackberry commercial. Neil and Emily could sell iPhones to Y.K. Kim. Laura is our Android Queen. Ryan needs a tool belt for all of his phones. And me… I am the conflicted one (but that’s another story)!

It is a fact: our office cannot agree on which smart phone is best. However, there is one thing we can agree on when it comes to our smartphones: Apps! We love apps! A day has not gone by that we don’t use apps. Whether we are listening to our “It’s Almost the Weekend” playlist on Songza or morphing our faces together on FaceMorpher – we live for apps!

Which is why we are extra excited to start a new weekly series on Mobile Apps for Recruiters (and other related professions!). Each week we will spotlight one of our favorite mobile recruiting apps that make our jobs as recruiters that much easier. We are positive that you will love them! (Plus, they are all free – and everyone loves a free app!). So grab your smart phone of choice and get downloading!

Today’s Mobile Recruiting App: Lanyrd

Lanyrd is an application that allows you to find professional events. You can search by location and topic to find events that interest you. This app can also connect with your Twitter and LinkedIn contacts to discover what events your contacts are attending and speaking at. It is the ultimate networking tool. It will provide the location and it even provides the proper hashtag and twitter account of the event. It is a hot spot for finding great candidates and subject matter experts. In addition, you can create your own profile to let others know what events you are attending or what events you will be speaking at.

The best part about this app? It gives you access to conference schedules and attendee / speaker directories. You can check who is going to the event, see what sessions speakers will be presenting at and find people to meet up with. And if you miss the event, you can use the website to catch up on slides and videos from the event.

Lanyrd works on Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry and Kindle.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Want more cool apps like this? Come back next week and I’ll tell you about an app that will have you finding candidates faster than you can tweet!

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