Happy New Year written in the snow

Happy New Year! Here we are at the precipice of 2014. A new year and a new chance to do better.

This year I’m going to focus on this one important New Year’s resolution: To empower recruiters with the tools to become a critical asset to their organization.

I figure that focussing on one resolution will improve my chances of success. Really it’s more like a mission because I believe that…

Recruitment should have a seat at the boardroom table

Many CEOs will tell you that their number one priority is to hire great people. But very few invest in the development of their recruitment processes. Whether its a university, a bank, a staffing agency or a technology company — my goal is to empower recruiters because recruitment is essential to the growth and sustainability of all organizations.

I want people to see recruitment as a career option. The kind of career that takes ten thousand hours to master. A career that changes lives and grows companies.

Most people don’t go to university thinking, “Hey, I want to be a recruiter.” I want to change that. By raising the profile of recruitment, perhaps more colleges and universities will offer programs to train people for this important role that is essential for every organization.

Recruiting has evolved, our opinion of recruiters needs to catch up

Recruiters today need a different toolbox than they needed five years ago. Developing that toolbox takes years of training, mentoring and frontline recruitment experience.

The cool thing about recruiting today is that it’s technical and social at the same time. Its about advanced Boolean search techniques and relationship development.

There’s a better way

Stafflink has found a better way to do IT staffing. It all starts with our culture of continuous learning and collaboration. In 2014, we intend to share our system to help people see recruitment as the great career that it can be.

Passing the puck

The best recruiters are team players because collaboration is essential to successful recruitment.

In 2013, Stafflink really solidified the unique solution that we bring to our candidates, clients and the recruitment community as a whole. It’s a  two part solution that combines teamwork and continuous learning of technical recruiting skills.

In a nutshell,

We practice and develop the technical skills.
We pass the puck because we play for the team.
We score when we make a perfect match between a great job opportunity and the person who’s spent their whole life preparing for that role.

We will achieve our goal to empower recruiters by sharing our tools and best practices to empower recruiters to become leaders who are viewed as critical assets to an organization.

3 strategies to empower recruiters in 2014

Best practices for ethical and successful employee recruitment

My New Year’s resolution 2014 is to share Stafflink’s best practices for ethical and successful employee recruitment

Strategy 1: New Boolean Search Techniques eBook

Our Boolean Search Secrets to Become a Master IT Recruiter eBook was downloaded over 700 times. Now it’s time to publish a follow up eBook with new search tips for uncovering those very difficult-to-find candidates.

Strategy 2: Wine and Learn

Watch for our first “Wine and Learn” in March 2014. I will host live professional development seminars for Stafflink’s clients and contractors right here in our office with the option to participate remotely.

Strategy 3: Blogging and Newsletters

Please let me know in the comments if there are any topics that you would like us to cover?

I’ve made a career out of IT recruitment, and it’s only getting better. Do you share my mission to raise the profile of recruiters and to present recruitment as a viable option for a lifelong career?

Tell me about your mission in 2014. If you could only focus on one professional goal in 2014, what would it be? Please share your answer in the comments.








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