Getting a job at Google is the ultimate dream for many technology professionals. If you ever have the chance to interview with Google be prepared because Google is famous for asking odd interview questions.

The movie “The Internship” plays up to that when intern hopefuls Billy and Nick have to answer a question about what they would do if they were shrunken down to the size of nickels and thrown into a blender. Is there any right answer to that? In the movie, the secret success formula is to prove your “googliness” – which seems to be a magic combination of social IQ, technical excellence and creativity.

Interview questions that go way deeper than technical skills

Naturally Google is looking for the brightest people. But the odd questions they supposedly ask go way deeper than that. You get a sense that they are not only looking for the smartest people. They want people who can think on their feet in stressful situations. Creative problem solvers who think outside the box and keep a sense of humor. And, according to the movie, they put a big emphasis on emotional intelligence – aka “soft skills.” See: Why IT Pros Need Soft Skills

It’s not just Google. The clients we work with here at Stafflink are looking to hire people with that  magic combo of technical and social skills. After all, software and hardware is created for human end users. And businesses fail or succeed based on their relationships with customers and the trust they build over time by nurturing those relationships.

With that in mind, here are examples of the oddest interview questions that might come up in Google interviews. Take a stab at answering some of them. Would you make the cut?

How would you do in a Google Interview?

Odd questions asked at Google interviews

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4 Tips from a reader for preparing for Google interviews

One reader of this post – Sumit Arora – left a comment below with some excellent tips for preparing for technical interviews. Here are some of his tips:

Step 1: Have practical understanding of the Algorithms (e.g. When to use BackTracking, When to Use Divide and Conquer, Why double hashing required, Where brute force concept can be applied).

Step 2: Have practical understanding of Data Structures (e.g. Practical use cases related to: when to use circular buffer , or when to use adjacently list or the combination of both or something else to solve the problem).

Step 3 : Practice several coding problems to implement the things which learn from Step-1  and Step-2 using a coding language of your choice: C, C++, Java, Python or PHP for example

Step 4: It’s not enough to know how to solve the problem. you need to understand the best way to solve it. The given technical problem may have several solutions, and you need to find the optimal one. It’s good to explore the impact of your given solution on computing/memory resources and memory/processing Power.

Do you have any tips to add for surviving really tough interview questions? Please share your ideas in the Post a Reply section below!

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