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Quora Mobile let’s you participate in discussions on Quora with your phone

As IT recruiters, we often find ourselves searching for people with skills on the cutting edge of technology. But it’s impossible to stay up-to-date with all of the new developments in technology. That’s where Quora really helps.

Quora helps you stay in the loop about new developments as you follow and get to know experts in  the field. Plus the free Quora Mobile app let’s you follow your favorite topics with your phone.

What is Quora?

Quora is a website that was built as a source of knowledge with the mission “to share and grow the world’s knowledge.” (www.quora.com).

Members of Quora participate in Q&A on the topics of their choice, asking questions and receiving answers from individuals with first-hand experience. Members vote their favorite answers to the top.

Quora already has over 25,000 topics to choose from. You can create feeds of information catered to your specialties and interests and follow those conversations on your phone or you desktop.

Quora for IT Recruiters

As IT recruiters we know that wherever technology gurus are sharing their knowledge and solving problems, that’s where you can find people with the skills that employers are looking for. Quora is one of those places.

The challenge for recruiters is that Quora  is that it is not a resume database, and it’s not ‘the right place to post a job. We need to respect Quora as a community for posting serious questions and getting honest answers from experts. With this in mind, I see two ways that recruiters can benefit from using Quora.

  1. Ask a question to better understand and get some clarification on a technology role so you can ask better questions when you’re screening and interviewing job candidates. You might get some good ideas about keywords to use when searching for candidates too.
  2. Follow industry related topics and observe which individuals are seen as a subject matter experts in the area. You are looking for potential candidates that are answering relevant industry related questions. What better way to find a security guru than to network with the industry’s leading security subject matter experts?!

Quora for job seekers

  1. Get noticed: If you are seeking a job in technology, Quora is a great place for you to answer questions and participate in discussions related to your field. Your questions and answers will be noticed by data mining tools like Gild, that find and evaluate IT specialists based on their online conversations.
  2. Showcase your knowledge and problem solving skills: Your questions and answers on Quora might come up when recruiters use Boolean search techniques to find people like yourself.
  3. Prove your communication skills: Employers need people who can clearly communicate their technical knowledge in a way that less technical people can understand.

Quora Mobile for your phone

Quora has a free mobile app called Quora Mobile that lets ask questions and follow discussions and with your phone. It is available on Android, iPhone and iPad’s.

Give Quora a try and let me know how it goes!


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