If you’ve never worked with an IT staffing company, you might be wondering if it’s in your company’s best interest. That depends.

Do Any Of These Situations Sound Familiar?

  • A project is in jeopardy because you haven’t been able to find the right technical talent
  • IT managers complain that they are in interviews all day
  • Hiring managers do not understand the technology well enough to screen top candidates

Why Partner with an IT Staffing Company?

These are typical reasons that compel companies to partner with an IT staffing agency. Here are 11 reasons to partner with an IT staffing company to help you solve these challenges.

1. Get Access To Candidates That You May Not Otherwise Reach

IT recruiters have databases, networks and personal connections that expand the reach for candidates. They can get referrals to candidates who are currently working in the field but have not posted their resumes on job boards.

2. Candidates Are Screened By The Staffing Company Before You Meet Them

This is a massive time savings for companies because it takes away the time for posting, screening and managing candidates. Let the staffing companies manage the relationships with candidates. You can just focus on hiring the best candidate. Instead of screening 100’s of resumes, you only see top three.

3. We Understand Technology

Your IT staffing agency probably has years of experience placing people with the kind of skills and experience you are looking for. They know which skills are essential and which can be learned on the job.  They know the expected salary range. They know people who are working in the field and will give them referrals to their friends. They know where to find the best people and how to convince them to work for you.

4. Long Term Relationships With Candidates

The best IT recruiter will nurture relationships with promising candidates over many years as they grow professionally and eventually land their dream job. You get the benefits of those relationships because you will be hiring a known commodity.

5. Free Up Time For Activities That Improve Employee Retention

Working with staffing company allows corporate HR or recruitment teams to focus on other HR related activities like career development, training and benefits. HR has more time to focus on keeping people onsite, because they are not spending their whole day recruiting to get people to come onsite.

6. Guaranteed Placements

If a staffing agency is confident in their services they will guarantee the success of their placements. These companies will work very closely with your company before and after the person is placed on your team to ensure that your company is happy with the new hire.

7. Branding For Your Company

Staffing companies will tell hundreds of people about the benefits of working for your company. Those people will tell others. Your opportunities will be posted and discussed on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (video job descriptions). Companies will put your job and a positive message about your company in front of tens of thousands of people.

8. Boolean Search Experts

Progressive staffing companies will be Boolean Search experts. They will be able to find candidates that others cannot by using Boolean search strings to mine social media sites and all of the search engines.

9. Headhunt Your Competitors

Have you ever wished you could get the best developer from a competitor? Working with a staffing company will allow you to do this. The passive candidate is often the best candidate. Let your staffing partner convince the passive candidate that is time to change companies.

10. Industry Knowledge

Your staffing partner can give you competitive salary information. Staffing partners can also help you with creating salary bands, magnetic job descriptions, benefits and bonus packages.

11. The Best Recruiting Tools

Your IT staffing agency may use tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Bullhorn that your company hasn’t signed up for.

Find A Staffing Company That Understands Your Company

Now that you know the major reasons companies use IT staffing agencies, remember to look for staffing company that wants to understand the culture of your organization, the goals of your company and benefits of working for your company. If a job description is all they are interested in receiving, you should probably look for the next company.

When you hire an IT staffing company, you are hiring a specialist. Maybe you could do your own plumbing, but it’s better to hire a plumber who is going to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Why risk hiring the wrong person? Find a staffing company that specializes in hiring the kind of people you need and guarantees that you will be happy with their work.


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