At Stafflink, we’ve worked together to build a strong team of collaborative staffing professionals. We value everyone on our team! Thankfully, we haven’t staff turnover in over five years.

How do we keep our team intact and engaged even through a pandemic?  Stafflink founder and president Tim Collins shares his most effective strategies to recruit and retain top talent on the podcast Snippets with Leon Goren.

Leon Goren is the President and CEO of PEO Leadership, North America’s premier peer network and advisory community, PEO Leadership. As a member of PEO for over 15 years, Tim has had the opportunity to grow Stafflink with the help of many other business leaders.
Tim founded Stafflink Solutions almost 20 years ago and has built it into one of the great recruiting firms in the country.
Leon Goren

President and CEO, PEO Leadership

Getting through the pandemic with our company intact

In March 2020 all hiring froze for months and and Stafflink’s future was in jeopardy.

We had to leave our beloved downtown office and work remotely.

In spite of the crash, we found a way to keep going. A year later, we’re getting vaccinated and our company is stronger than ever.

Three ways we’re getting through the pandemic

1) Double down on training

We encourage our staff to take courses and do professional development. This ensures that we all come out of this challenging time stronger and better able to serve our clients and candidates.

2) Team building events

Before the pandemic we loved take our team for offsite events. For many years, we participated in CPA ski day, a fundraising event hosted at Craigleith Ski Club in support of persons with disabilities.

Now that we’re practicing social distancing, we do online events. We’re doing  an online wine and cheese party with Reif Estate Winery this Friday.

3) Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is one way we make sure that every team member knows how grateful we are for their contribution. Our collaborative culture at Stafflink has everybody working together to maximize profit sharing for the team.

What’s the landscape look like today in terms of trying to find the right talent?

The market for data analysts and leading-edge software engineers is more competitive than ever.

Upside for employers: You’ve got a much wider scope of candidates because they can work remotely from all across Canada and beyond.

We’re seeing people with multiple job offers so we’re coaching companies to streamline their hiring process to 5 to 10 business days.

Is wage inflation happening?

Yes, people with certain sets of niche skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence are being recruited like star athletes due to supply and demand.

Ways to recruit and retain top talent

Most importantly, stream line your hiring process to less than ten days to make sure you have a chance to negotiate before they accept another offer.

Other ways to make a job offer more attractive:

  • Interesting projects to work on with a clear career path
  • Bonuses
  • Heath benefits
  • Remote work
  • Vacation time
  • Training

We want to hear from you. What makes a job offer irresistible in your opinion? What does it take other than money to make you stay with a job?

Be sure to listen to the podcast Tim did with Leon Goren if you want to learn more.

Looking to hire top talent?

Placing talented IT specialists in technical roles with companies of all sizes is what we do.  We will help you recruit and retain the star candidates you need. We’ll even help you with discussing salary, payrates, vacations, benefits, onboarding and way more.

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