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You can make a successful career out of riding the waves of change.

In the wake of a huge round of layoffs at RIM, the successful launch of the iPhone 5 and rumours of a new Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, it’s like we’re in the midst of technology tsunami.

On the one hand we have a huge shortage of programmers and developers with the skills that businesses need to stay competitive in today’s market.

On the other hand companies like RIM and Nokia are laying off skilled programmers and developers.

It’s anyone’s guess which mobile platform or smartphone will be on top over the long run. Apple and Samsung are the favourites today but some analysts predict that Windows phones will overtake these giants by 2016.

So how do you navigate a successful technology career so you will be one of the lucky ones that gets headhunted by IT recruiters?

As the owner of an IT staffing company in the heart of Toronto’s business district, I get to meet many people who have made a successful career out of riding the waves of change. I see many parallels in the way these people approach the unavoidable reality of continuous innovation.

They don’t worry about change, they thrive on it. They study it. They react to it. They experiment to see what works.

Some of these people are working in permanent jobs with great companies. Some of them own companies. Some of them do both. But they are all free agents who are navigating their careers from a place of power.

This is no time to be stuck in your ways or take sides. You can’t control the whims of the market so you might as well jump in wherever you are, bring the best that you’ve got and let the currents take you.

7 Brilliant Surfers Riding the Waves of Change

Here are seven technology influencers in Toronto who are successfully riding the waves of change and forging brilliant careers. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean:

  • @AprilDunford – April Dunford founded Rocket Watcher
  • @RobTyrie – Rob Tyrie is the VP Insurance Solutions at NexJ Systems by day, but he’s also one of the most tapped in big picture technologists I’ve ever met
  • @PeterPTNG – Peter Ng is a senior director at RIM who has helped several successful startups get off the ground and get bought
  • @Brian_at_CWC – Brian Bloom is a technology journalist at Computer World Canada
  • @LeonGoren – Lean Goren is one of the top connectors in Toronto and the CEO of a networking group I belong to called the PEO group 
  • @KunalFromPolar – Kunal Gupta – Founder of Impact Entrepreneurship Group and Polar Mobile, a top mobile app publisher in Toronto
  • @AhmadNassri – Amad Nassri – Senior Manager of Technical Services at Syncapse and MiraVitae Co-Founder –

What do these 7 maverick careerists have in common?

Networking – All of these people have great soft skills as we like to say in the IT recruiting biz. These are not your reclusive techies. These are people who love to get out there and share ideas about where we are and where we’re going. Some of them have founded networking groups, and they all actively participate in multiple networking communities.

Leaders – People want their advice because they see the big picture and they seem to have intuition about the best course of action. They can speak technology in plain language that anyone can understand,

Enterprising Trend Watchers – Always scheming up new ventures and better ways to monetize projects. Which is another reason people and companies like to consult with them.

Risk Takers – Naturally, because security is a fantasy. No job is secure, no business will live forever, especially online businesses. So they go for it, but keep their options open in case it doesn’t work out.

Are you a maverick careerist?

How do you cope with riding the waves of change? Please leave a comment.

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