A specialized IT staffing agency saves you time and money!

Time is money!

Toronto is a hotbed of technology development. We have an explosion of startups, but that’s not all. Established businesses of all sizes are acting like startups – developing apps, blogging, reaching out via social media. That means jobs. And lots of extra work for the people who are looking to fill those jobs.

What is the easiest, most cost-effective way to hire IT staff?

Short answer: Work with a specialized IT staffing company. As the owner of an IT staffing company, I have the to opportunity to prove that every day. An empty seat can delay a project. You may be able to source a difficult-to-find candidate in 6 months. We could source that person in 2 weeks. Time is money!

The cost of the placement fee pays for itself. Because you will hire someone faster, from a larger pool of proven talent, and free up your internal staff to focus on doing their real job.

Which of these two alternatives is more cost effective?

  • Assign someone on your staff with the job of filling the job
  • Engage an IT staffing company to present you with only the top canidates

Sorting through hundreds of job applications

If you have recruiters on staff and a pool of strong candidates ready to fill the job, then you are better off to fill the job internally.Otherwise, you risk diverting your most valuable internal staff from their real work.

Do you have someone on your staff that is knowledgable about the technology and has a large network of potential job candidates? Perhaps its the project manager or team leader? It is unlikely that that person has extra time to devote to contacting, interviewing, qualifying and negotiating with candidates. In that case you are better off to engage a specialized IT staffing company to help you fill the job.

A good IT staffing company will lower your IT staffing costs

Even if you have a superstar employee that understands the technology and is well-networked in the field, do you really want to tie that person up with recruiting, talent sourcing, resume screening, interviewing, references and salary negotiations? Probably not.

That would be like asking a surgeon to be responsible for hiring the nursing team. She might want to meet the person briefly, but it’s a massive waste of her valuable time to have her searching for resumes and calling up candidates. Your cutting-edge tech project is the same.

You will save your company time and money by engaging a specialized IT staffing company:
Want to know more about what it’s like to work with an IT staffing company and how we can help you hire better people for less money? Read “11 Reasons to Partner with an IT Staffing Company“.

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