As an IT recruiter, I see some of the things people do in Skype job interviews that can jeopardize their chances of getting the job. A Skype job interview is very similar to a traditional in-person interview, but there are a few additional things you need to keep in mind if you want the interview to go well.

Video: Tips for a Successful Skype Interview (3 minutes)

8 tips for a successful Skype Job Interview

  1. Check your internet connectivity: Although there are some situations where no one can have any control over internet outages, make sure you are using a high speed internet with a reliable connectivity. This will help to avoid audio and visual errors during the call.
  2. Ensure the environment looks professional: Sitting at a desk or table is highly suggested but if that is not possible, make sure you are in a background that is as professional as possible. Remove any items as well that can be distracting for your interviewer as well.
  3. Have a quiet environment: Make sure to turn off cell phones, televisions, and any other electronics and keep pets away just like in a phone screen. If you are around other people, make sure to let me know about your interview so you do not get any unwanted interruptions.
  4. Make sure you are the right distance away from the camera: There is nothing worse than only seeing a portion of someone’s head or having the person sit too far away from the camera. A good suggestion is do a trial run with the webcam on in order to figure out the appropriate distance to sit from them camera. Typically, a person’s head and upper body will be on the screen with some of the background behind.
  5. Prepare, Research, Practice: This type of interview is essentially the same as an in person interview, so make sure to do all the same preparation. Make sure to research the company and have set of questions prepared for the interviewer. Having a friend or relative perform some mock interview questions is a good way to warm up before the interview.
  6. Dress appropriately: Even though you may be thousands of miles away from your interviewer, make sure you still look professional. Business attire and a clean cut hair style are essential for any Skype screen. Always remember that pj’s and bedhead are not acceptable no matter what type of interview it is!
  7. Maintain eye contact: Just as it is important in an in person interview to maintain eye contact, it is especially important in a Skype screen. Some people may be tempted to look at their own video image on the screen, but avoid this by keeping eye contact with the interviewer throughout the entire interview.
  8. Smile: Even though you may be nervous, a smile goes a long way so do not forget to show off your pearly whites whenever you can during the chat.

Best of luck!

Just remember that the interviewer is rooting for you to do well. They already think you may be the right person for the job or else they wouldn’t be interviewing you. So if you follow these tips you will have a much better chance of acing your Skype job interview and landing the job.

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