Today I’m going to tell you about a technical recruiting channel you may be overlooking – portfolio websites and blogs from local technology gurus.

There are so many reasons you need to tap this resource when you’re recruiting local IT talent. Bloggers have way more to offer than technical expertise. They come with a bevy of bonus skills that could supercharge your projects.

I’m going to generalize here but all of the technical bloggers I know pretty much fit this description:

  • Creative Workaholics – most blogging happens outside of regular work hours
  • Cutting edge skills – because they love their work and can’t get enough of it
  • Love to help people find solutions
  • Know how to communicate technical concepts in a way that regular people (your customers for instance) can understand
  • Care about end users
  • Give back to their technical community by sharing tutorials, developing plugins or participating in support groups

Added Bonus: They usually publish their contact info and many are happy to discuss job opportunities with you.

Sound like someone you would like to have working on your team?

Let’s go mine the Web for some of these diamonds

Here’s a little search technique you can use to find local tech bloggers with the skills you need. I learned from this trick from our own Boolean Search ninja Michelle De Rubeis.

Using Inurl to Search within URLs

A URL (Universal Resource Link) is a web address that begins with http://. You can use the Inurl search syntax to search for words within URLs.

Example 1:

To find websites with the word “javascript” in the URL, search for: inurl: javascript

This works with all the major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL Search.

But a search like Inurl: javascript is way too general. You need to refine this search with some other keywords and Boolean operators so you can really zero in on the specific type of IT talent you need.

Example 2:

Here’s a string you could use if you were looking for python developers in the Toronto area who are also bloggers:

inurl:blog python toronto

Returns an local Toronto developer named Gregory Wilson who has a technical blog at

Example 3:

Here’s a string you could use if you are looking for mobile developers with experience developing iPhone applications:

inurl:portfolio ios toronto

Returns,  which is the website of Stephan Tanguay,  a Toronto-based “interactive website designer / developer that specializes in bleeding edge experiences using Unity3D, Actionscript 3, PaperVision3D , Flash & HTML.”

Example 4: Using Brackets

If you want to use brackets to give yourself more options you could do a string like:
(inurl:portfolio OR inurl:blog) python toronto 
Which would turn up results with either portfolio OR blog in the URL and python and toronto in the content of the blog.

Want More Boolean Search Secrets for Recruting?

Tech Recruiter Michelle De Rubeis wrote a series of posts on this topic that you can access here:

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