The brain drain of IT talent to the US is causing a talent shortage here in Toronto.

Canada’s top IT talent is being recruited for jobs in Silicon Valley. How can employers win this war for talent?

As a boutique IT staffing company in downtown Toronto, we are on the front line in the war for talent. Everyday we get requests from companies in the greater Toronto area who need to hire IT staff but they cannot find find people with the right skills and experience.

At the same time, people with  IT skills that are in short supply are demanding extremely high salaries, which puts projects at risk because many start ups and less established companies simply cannot afford the market price for the most in demand skills.

Canada suffers from a desperate and growing shortage of computer developers and software engineers. Over the past several decades, Silicon Valley has claimed our best and brightest. An estimated 350,000 Canadians now live in the the Bay Area — a veritable lost generation lured by good, high-paying tech jobs and access to collaborators and capital. – according to Ryan Holmes, The Financial Post

What is the cause of the IT talent shortage?

What is the short term solution for employers?

The old “post and pray” method of posting jobs ads and waiting for people to apply doesn’t work. You’re not going to find in-demand IT talent on job board resume databases either. So what does work?

How do you convince leading-edge IT specialists to to work for you in the GTA?

To give IT job candidates a compelling reason to work for you, you need to appeal to the three main things that are even more important to  “A” candidates than money. These people are looking for opportunities to grow and learn and stay on the cutting edge of their field.

  1. Mentorship from a strong leader who has a lot to teach them and who can introduce them to the right people
  2. Community – Being a valued member on a team with other talented, creative, innovative people
  3. Career path – growth, learning, innovation, movement towards a goal is very important to great employees

Do you agree that we have a serious IT talent shortage here in Toronto? How can we convince people to work on some of the great job opportunities here in the Toronto area?

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