Communication skills and preparation can make or break your chances of landing a job. Often people who are completely qualified for a job. Then they are passed over at the interview stage because they do or say something that raises a red flag for the interviewer. Often it’s something that could have been easily avoided with a little more preparation.

We created these three videos to help our candidates prepare for IT job interviews, so that they can communicate their qualifications without letting a small mistake ruin the the interview.

Telephone job interviews are an important step in getting the job.

You need to do well in telephone job interviews before you get the face-to-face interview.

Tips for Successful Telephone Job Interviews

The first contact you will receive from a hiring manager or a recruiter who is considering hiring you will often be an impromptu telephone call. But this is more than a telephone call. It’s actually a telephone screening interview. The recruiter will ask you some questions to find out you are interested in being presented to the hiring committee for the job. They also need to checkout your communication skills to make sure that you can explain your qualifications for the job and what you do in a way that can be understood.

You are much more likely to move forward to the in-person interview stage if you prepare ahead of time for these telephone screening interviews.  This three-minute video will help you prepare for telephone job interviews, so you’ll be ready when you get a call from a recruiter:

How to Ace Your IT Job Interview

When an employer invites you in for a job interview, it means that they are hoping that you will be the right person for they job. They want you to have a successful interview because they need to hire someone with the skills and experience you have listed on your resume. But first they need to make sure that you do as well in person as you do on paper.

A little preparation will significantly increase your chances of getting the job. In this video, an IT Recruiter shares some of the most important things job candidates need to do to get ready for an IT job interview.

Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

Skype job interviews are becoming more common because many IT job interviews occur outside of regular business hours. Many job candidates are already working full time, or they live far away from the job site. A Skype job interview is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting.

Best of luck with your career!

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