Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous week of sourcing. In the last few weeks together, we have added some handy Google Boolean searches to our recruitment bag of tricks. This week, I would like to discuss another helpful syntax called “cache.”

Can't Keep A SecretCache

Cache is a code you can use if you would like to look at a site but it is down for maintenance or an online resume has been removed. Google stores a cache copy of EVERY page it has indexed.

By using the cache: syntax followed by the inaccessible websites web address, it allows us to see an older version of a particular site/webpage – thus giving us access to unavailable information.

Finding Resumes Using the Cache Syntax

If I conducted the Boolean search:

inurl:resume (Java OR J2EE) (Developer OR Programmer OR Consultant) Toronto

And my results produced an online resume link:


BUT when I clicked on the link the site was down, I could type in:


And my search would produce the last cached snapshot of the webpage, allowing me to view it’s content.

Finding Offline Resumes Using Cache

This syntax is also a great resource for tapping into passive candidates who have removed themselves from the job market. They may have taken their resume offline, but you can still view their cached page to gather their contact information and send an introduction their way.

Do you find this Boolean search string useful? Let me know! I’d love to hear your feedback.

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