Use your Twitter account to get found by IT recruiters

Twitter is an essential resource for IT jobseekers and recruiters. (Image care of Gopal Raju)

After joining the Twitter world this year, I have come to realize how beneficial this social networking tool has become for both job seekers and recruiters.

As a recruiter, I am able to follow and find candidates, tweet jobs, broadcast any blogs or websites I find useful, follow other companies, and also follow other career experts who tweet out awesome advice on a daily basis.

As a job seeker, you are able to find links to job opportunities, follow companies, and show your knowledge and passion for your industry through your own personal tweets.

Here are some of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow which may be helpful for many IT job seekers and recruiters out there!

Tech Vibes @TechVibes They call themselves Canada’s leading technology news site, events calendar, and job board. A great source of information about up-and-coming Canadian startups too.

Tech Crunch @TechCrunch: This account tweets very interesting articles and opinions on the latest news and trends in technology. This is a great way to keep up to date in the endlessly changing IT industry!

IT World Canada @itworldca: Another great place where IT pros can keep up with Canadian tech news. This is the online portal for some well-known print publications including CIO Canada, Network World Canada, ComputerWorld Canada, Computer Dealer News, and Direction Informatique.

Toronto Computing Jobs @to_computingjob: This account is valuable for Toronto job seekers because it tweets out recent job openings directly from employer’s websites. They have multiple accounts for other fields of employment to so this is a great account to follow as a job seeker in any field.

 Jobs @ct100_jobs: This is the account for Canada’s Top 100 Employers, where they post new jobs at the winning employers chosen for this year’s Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition.

Career Bliss @CareerBliss: A neat account to follow for all aspects of the employment industry since it tweets information regarding hiring trends, job postings, interview tips, and company reviews. I really enjoy their interview tips as well as the blogs they post on how to deal with situations in the workplace. @TalentEgg: A useful account for students and recent graduates to follow. It is a Canadian based website which posts links for current job opportunities and internships as well as helpful tips for newcomers to the employment world.

Feel free to share below or tweet me at @stafflinkit to tell me about any other Twitter accounts to follow that you find to be helpful!

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