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Tweet, Tweeting, Tweeters, Twitter… what is it all about? In the past many have viewed Twitter as a tool used by teenagers to follow Justin Bieber’s daily routine or something used by procrastinating employees who want to tell the world what they ate for lunch. Sure, some people use Twitter for these purposes – BUT – that doesn’t mean everyone does. My goal is to show you, as recruiters, how to use Twitter effectively. I want to demonstrate how to use Twitter in a way that will make your job easier and ultimately, make you more successful. Join me on this adventure to Tweeting victory by following my weekly blog series; Twitter for Recruiters. Let’s begin.

The Run Down:

Twitter has been around since 2006. Today, Twitter has over 300+ million users worldwide (there are only 100 million on LinkedIn). So what does that mean for us? Well, it means that because traffic numbers are so high we can use twitter for a variety of purposes (not only sourcing!).

Getting Started:

Like any social media site, your online activity is a reflection of your personal brand. You are creating an image and a standard for yourself. You want to show that you are a subject matter expert in your field so that people will want to work with you. The key to success on any social media platform is longevity. Over time you will make more connections and your network will expand – so you need to pick a “handle” (a Twitter name) that will last and that represents your profession (whether it is industry, company or expertise). That means “Leafs4TheCup2011” and “BonJovisGirl” are probably not the best handles.


Twitter is a great tool for gaining attention from industry professionals and passive candidates. The key to branding yourself on Twitter is providing value add messages. On LinkedIn, we connect with everyone. On Twitter, we need to limit our follows to beneficial followers. There is a limit of a 2:1 ratio of who you can follow. We need to follow individuals who can provide us with the best information. This means we want to follow industry tweets, subject matter experts and the big guns in our target fields (if you do IT recruitment, follow IT Directors). You want to connect with people who will provide you with value. Follow the people who retweet you – who connect you with their network and give you exposure.

Value Add:

When tweeting, use the 10:1 ratio. For every 10 tweets you send out, only one should be a job posting. The other ten should be relevant industry information. How do we find relevant industry information? How do we know what people are interested in and find popular? We are recruiters – our minutes are precious! Well – once again, Boolean comes to the rescue (can you tell I’m a fan?).

Go to

Now we are only searching online blogs. In your search type the syntax inblogtitle: followed by your topic.

Example: inblogtitle:mobile

This will produce the three most trafficked blogs on this subject. It is a quick way to find relevant articles and it will allow passive candidates to see that you are up to date on industry trends.

Try it out and let me know what you think! Come back next week to find out how to use Twitter for Sourcing! (Some neat Boolean strings will be provided!).

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