As an IT staffing company, we’re matchmakers for programmers and employers.

When a company is having trouble finding the perfect person for a tech job, they reach out to us. Then we use all kinds of Boolean voodoo magic to connect them with the perfect match.

Sadly, it takes more than a quickie email to convince a hot programmer to interview for your hot job. You have to woo them. You need to show them that you’ve got what they need to move their career to the next level.

It’s not really about money. But don’t insult them by offering too little.

It’s not really about the brand. Unless you’re a company like Google or Apple.

It’s really about the opportunity to grow your career and add cool skills to your toolbox.

Programmers and developers are not easily impressed

Why should they be? They’re the superheroes of the technological world we take for granted. We wouldn’t have Google, iPads or open source software without them. If they all took tomorrow off the world would probably end.

You can't impress developers. So don't try. on Reddit: You can’t impress developers. So don’t try.

If you can’t impress the programmers and developers that you really need to hire, what can you do to woo them over to your side?

Ways to woo programmers and developers

It goes a long way if you show them that you have a clue about the work they do. Of course, you can’t go wrong by appealing to their love of techy devices. Here are a few ideas to help you compete in a multiple job offer situation:

  1. Wanna test drive my Google Glasses? I’ll see if I can get you some as a signing bonus.
  2. Hey, that’s a  cool project you’ve got on Github (or Bitbucket).
  3. Comment on their blog.
  4. Connect with them in a LinkedIn group.
  5. Mention a solution they contributed to on Stack Overflow.
  6. Retweet them.
  7. Google Plus one of their posts.
  8. If they’re wearing a cool watch, ask them about it.
  9. I’m running dry here….what’ve you got? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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Now go woo some programmers and get them working for you!

Please let me know in the comments if you have more ideas for wooing developers.






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