Q: What profession employs over 50 thousand people across Canada, enables people to earn over 100 thousand dollars in their first year out of school, yet has no university degree or college diploma program?

A: IT recruiting.

IT Recruiting

Do you have great people skills? Are you self-motivated? Do you love to learn? If you replied yes to all three, then you just might have what it takes to be an IT recruiter.

What Do IT Recruiters Do?

As IT recruiters, we have the satisfaction of helping people find their dream jobs. We work closely with candidates to identify what they are looking for in a job, and then actively help them achieve those ambitions. At Stafflink, recruiters often form a bond with their candidates and work with them throughout their careers, all the way from their first job to senior management level positions.

Recruiters Are Experts At Talent Evaluation

Recruiters spend a lot of time evaluating candidates and critiquing resumes. They can evaluate hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. A good recruiter is similar to a general manager in sports. They’ll scout the best talent and build relationships with top talent. The top talent want to work with recruiters who are great at developing and maintaining relationships, and will help them get what they want out of their career.

A Top IT Recruiter Is Connected To The Right People

A great IT recruiter will have very strong personal relationships that they’ve developed through referrals and social media over time. When a top recruiter posts a job, they are going to broadcast it through Twitter, through LinkedIn and various other sites. Their team will also broadcast that job. A good recruiter can have a job posting go out to over 7 thousand people directly, who then extend it’s reach to thousands more.

A Good IT Recruiter Will Make Their Clients More Successful

If you have worked with a recruiter as a company, you understand how important and powerful the reach of the right recruiter is to filling a position with the right talent. A great recruiter will allow instant access to the top talent through their connections, and quickly meet a company’s goal of finding the right candidate.

On-the-job  Training

I love my job as in IT recruiting

For a profession that employs over 50 thousand people in Canada, surprisingly, there is very little formal training for IT recruiting in colleges and universities. If you know a program, let me know.

People don’t go to school to be a recruiter. Generally, as students, recruiters start out taking politics, English, and HR programs and then apply for a job in recruiting, where they begin training on the job. Some college programs do offer a few courses around recruitment, but currently there is void in the market for formal recruiting training programs.

How To Get Into IT Recruiting As A Profession

If you are interested in a career in IT recruiting, the best way to get into it is make sure your resume is top notch, then work your network and reach out to contacts at a recruiting company that is hiring.

If you have a background in Computer Science that will help you land the job. Show them your communication skills  and passion for technology. Showing a recruiting hiring manager that you know how to network and use social media is a big part of recruiting, and could land you the job on the spot. They’ll also be very impressed if you know about Boolean search techniques.

I Love My Job

IT recruiting is a truly rewarding profession that I’m honoured to have been a part of for over 20 years. Connecting clients with the talented people who will make them more successful, and helping candidates land the jobs of their dreams keeps me coming back for more.


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