Working as an IT recruiter, I’ve had an opportunity to place many people in the course of my career. From what I’ve seen, there are people that manage to stay motivated far beyond that initial ‘honeymoon stage’ of starting a new job. What I’d like to know, and what I actively work towards at my company, is figuring out what I can do as an employer to make that honeymoon stage last.

What drives you at work?What’s your biggest motivation at work?

Is it money? Is it working towards a fancy title? Do you want more responsibilities? Do you want more recognition for your work?

For many people, money is the biggest motivator in their lives. However, I think that how happy you are at a job and how motivated you are is based on whether or not you really love your job, or if you’re just doing it for the money. If you actually like what you do, you’re more likely to work hard at it. A big motivator for me is helping people. I enjoy bringing together talented people and great companies they want to work for. I’m sure if I didn’t really like what I do, I wouldn’t be as motivated as I am today.

What about my employees? Can motivation be created by incentives? I personally think happy employees are more productive employees so to me, it’s important as a business owner to foster a happy and productive environment. This includes positive vs. negative reinforcement. I believe that celebrating the positives, rather than focusing only on the negatives, makes my employees more productive.

Below are a few other things that employers can do to motivate their employees:

  • Offer bonuses based on performance
  • Allow flexible work hours
  • Allow for career advancement
  • Offer promotions
  • Offer new challenges
  • Foster a talented team environment
  • Pay for job training

Does your company do any of the above? Do these things work?

What’s your biggest motivation at work? As an employee, what do you wish that your employer would do that they currently aren’t doing?


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