Back in October, I posted a poll about surveying smartphone use on my LinkedIn profile and various LinkedIn groups. As an IT staffing recruiter, I am glued to my phone(s) 24/7. I switch between using a Blackberry and an iPhone, and I like both for different reasons. I was curious to find out what other people are using and created this poll to find out. Over the past month, I received a generous amount of feedback from the LinkedIn community. Thank you to everyone that voted!

The results of my smart phone poll are as follows:

Out of 295 votes,┬áiPhone took the winning spot, but it wasn’t by that many votes. While iPhone scooped up 35% of the vote, I was personally very surprised to see Android come in at second place, with a 31% cut of the votes. Blackberry followed closely behind in third place with 25% of the votes. I certainly didn’t anticipate the Android beats Blackberry result.

Maybe you disagree, but I feel that when it comes to phones the conversation tends to centre around Blackberry vs. iPhone. Perhaps this is why I’ve always considered Android to be an ‘underdog’ phone. My poll has given me a new perspective on Android. Seeing that it has a large and dedicated following, what I’ve considered an ‘underdog’ phone is clearly a choice alternative in the smartphone market.

Android: The Phone to Watch

Based on my poll findings, I think Android is a company to keep an eye on over the next year. Android could really gain some ground over the next year, especially considering the problems that Blackberry has been having recently.

Do you think Android has the potential to gain some new users after all the Blackberry fuss? Do you think iPhone will lose some of its edge now that Steve Jobs is gone? What are your thoughts on the smartphone market in Canada?


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