Heavy media coverage of the outages at RIM may be skewing public opinion and making RIM look worse off than it is. It’s a sad situation for RIM, arguably one of the most innovative and game changing companies in Canada. However, it’s tough to argue that the events that happened don’t look bad, whichever side of the Apple vs. Blackberry debate you may be on.

I decided to conduct a LinkedIn poll to see where people fell on the Blackberry vs. iPhone debate. The results were quite surprising.

Ryan Ayres' Smartphone Poll











My poll results showed a much bigger gap between Blackberry and iPhone than I had been expecting. I thought the two competitors would be neck and neck. However, the results showed:

  • Younger people using Blackberry – Probably because of BBM and the new music app
  • No +45 year olds using Blackberry – Perhaps a tougher phone to get the hang of
  • +45 year olds using iPhone – Perhaps easier phone to use

While these are the preliminary results (there are still 12 days left in the poll), I’m optimistic.

Others were not so optimistic:



But RIM has some diehard fans like our own Michelle De Rubeis:




I found it interesting that Android has such a big cut of the poll results. In my experience,  Android is attractive to technical people for a few reasons:

  • Android is an open source OS making it customizable and less rigid than the competition
  • It offers many free apps
  • Android provides an arguably ‘better browsing experience’ that let’s you choose a fast browser like Opera Mini
  • With Apple and BB we are forced to use the hardware provided, but Android is an open platform so manufacturers (such as Motorola and LG) have the freedom to put it on any hardware they choose onto the phones

Do you think RIM can get more votes in my LinkedIn poll and turn the results around? Right now between Apple and RIM, Blackberry is the clear underdog. Even though I prefer my iPhone to my BB Torch, I’m hoping RIM makes a big comeback (in the smartphone market as well!). Are you hoping for RIM to make a comeback?


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