IT Recruiter Ryan holding up his iPhone and his Blackberry

IT Recruiter Ryan Ayres is putting away iPhone because he’s super excited about the release of Blackberry 10

Hi. My name is Ryan and I am officially a mobile device addict. I am obsessed with mobile devices. I’ve owned nine different phones in the last 24 months, multiple tablets and every cool gadget available.

In fact, I’m so excited about the January 30 release of Blackberry 10, that I already put away my iPhone and I pulled out my trusty Blackberry 9900.

My passion for technology and everything high tech started way back when I worked at Sony. Then I got into IT recruiting, and one of my specialties is placing mobile web developers, of course. Which gives me another excuse to keep buying the latest and greatest mobile devices.

With new devices and upgrades being released almost as frequently as I change my socks, I feel compelled to get my hands on the new devices to see what the fuss is about. The upcoming release that really has my attention right now is the Blackberry 10.

The future looks bright for RIM

The news about BB10 just keeps getting better the more we learn about. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s excited about this release. According to Dave Berman at the Globe and Mail, “RIM shares have been on a two-month tear, rising more than 85 per cent….”

It’s amazing to watch a fallen giant make a great comeback.

With all of this excitement building, I think many people will put off buying a new phone this holiday season until Blackberry 10 devices hit the shelves in February. Especially Canadians like me who want to support a homegrown tech leader and hopefully bring back thousands of jobs to Waterloo and the GTA. No matter what device your prefer, you can’t help but hope that RIM will be able to at least hold onto their current consumer base. After all they are a major employer of thousands of Canadians and people worldwide!

What I love about the Blackberry 10 operating system

The buzz about BB10 has engaged and excited me so much that I retired my iphone4 to my sock drawer and pulled out my trusty Blackberry 9900. This, of course, means I have to also switch from my iPad and start using my Playbook again.

  1. A very fluid and intuitive UI centered around Blackberry Hub. In the past Rim’s OS’s have been very linear and utilitarian with little to no innovation and wow factor, but BB10 looks like a game changer. All of your messages, notifications, feeds, and calendar events flow through BlackBerry Hub and no matter what you’re doing with your phone, you can peek into the Hub at any time.
  2. Blackberry finally has a usable internet browsing feature. Thorsten Heins recently boasted that BB10 will have the best mobile web experience available.
  3. Heins told the New York Times that Blackberry 10 devices will kill laptops in 3-5 years. Intriguing and controversial. Not sure if BB10 can eliminate laptops, but if they pick up some of the market share, that would be great.

I have yet to have the pleasure of getting a BB10 device in my hands but you can bet I will be one of the first in line to buy one.

Is Blackberry 10 worth waiting for?

After delaying the release, I believe RIM will deliver a device that works flawlessly. It will be a refreshing change after the iPhone. My recommendation – Don’t buy a new mobile device on Black Friday. Hold out for the Blackberry 10.

Will you wait for Blackberry 10? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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