Statistics Canada’s latest release reports that there are 3.3 jobseekers for every job in Canada. As an IT staffing specialist who deals with technology requirements every day, I predict that if you have experience with IT development for mobile payments (m –commerce), tablets and big data, you will become more valuable to your company in the coming year.

Mobile developers are in demand to establish and support mobile payment systems
New mobile payment systems create jobs for mobile developers

Deloitte’s Director of Research, Duncan Stewart predicts that over 90 million tablets will be sold this year, doubling the 47 million sold last year. He also predicts that within 3 years, over 5% of homes will have 2 tablets. “It took the television industry over 40 years for 5% of households to reach the same level of penetration,” says Stewart.

The writing is on the wall; if you develop rich content for tablets, your stock in the job market appears to be going up rapidly.

Deloitte is predicting $1.5 billion in new big data projects will be initiated this year -up tenfold from 2009. Deloitte is also predicting 15,000 new IT hires over the next 5 years to deal with the new data projects in Canada.

Skills such as the ones listed below could be incredibly valuable in 2012:

  • Data Analyst – SAS – strong statistics combined with OO skills
  • Data Warehouse Specialist – especially if you have experience with e-commerce
  • Database Analyst – can create dashboards for executives
  • Reports Analyst – Strong database skills combined with SSIS, SSRS skills
  • CRM and Applicant Tracking skills – ability to do custom coding to provide customized analytics

One area in particular that is looking bright in the near future is phones with NFC chips. 90 million phones will have the ability to do m-commerce in 2012 thanks to these chips. Stewart believes the real traction in this industry will come in 2013 when consumers feel confident with the risk involved. If you are a developer and you have experience with NFC enabled smart phones you will likely be in line for a salary increase in the next year, and will most likely will be receiving calls from companies like Stafflink looking for hot talent.

It is very exciting to see how data, m-commerce and tablets are driving the economy forward. Check back in 6 months and we will see if these predictions come to fruition.

What are your predictions for 2012?


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